Introducing Our Short Courses

We offer a range of short courses from 1 to 5 days long on healthy cooking and natural approaches to healing

natural cooking classes in our new kitchen

Our most popular courses are the Plant-Based Cooking course with two days of hands on cooking in our fabulous new cookery school, and the more in depth 5 day Looking After Your Health course. This course will give you a deeper understanding of your health and life using Oriental medicine, together with learning over 60 recipes in 9 cooking classes to set you up on a new healthier path in life. We repeat both of these two courses 4 times a year.

If you want to stay onsite during a course the school has its own accommodation in the 18th century farmhouse. Please click HERE for further information.

If attending a course at the school is difficult, take a look at our online course programme. These are all live classes using video conferencing so you can see everyone in the class, ask the teacher questions, and interact with the other students.

All our classes are sugar-free and dairy-free, and are mostly vegan. We can accommodate most dietary needs, please ask us if you have particular requirements.

Plant-Based Cooking

 Plant based cooking class

There is wide agreement in scientific circles and complementary approaches to health that eating a plant-based diet is best for our health. Not only can a balanced plant-based way of eating give us more energy and a more positive mental outlook, it can also help prevent many common illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, many forms of cancer, arthritis and dementia.

This is an ideal course if you want to take some steps towards a more plant-based way of eating, you will learn what foods to buy, how to plan nutritious and tasty meals, and to cook some fabulous new recipes!

There are two days of hands on cooking soups, main courses, delicious desserts and snacks. You will receive a full set of course notes and recipes.

Looking After Your Health

plant based cooking, nutrition courses

This course offers a deeper understanding of your health and the positive changes you can make to heal many health problems and find a new healthier self. We have been running this course for 17 years, and hundreds of participants have found that it has helped them to cook, eat and live in a healthier way.

We will be using the traditional wisdom of Oriental medicine to understand the body and the causes of any symptoms or illnesses you have. It then offers a range of approaches to heal and recover health using changes in eating, living and emotional healing.

There are also 9 hands on cooking classes, you will taste and learn to cook more than 60 recipes to take home and use at home. You will receive a full set of course notes on the theory and all the recipes.

Shojin Ryori Cooking class with Kinu Yukawa

 Rescheduled to September 20th       10am - 5pm          £120

Kinu Yukawa Japanese cooking teacher

Shojin Ryori temple cuisine is all vegan and the traditional cooking style of Buddhist monk in Japan. Learn how to cook Shojin Ryori classics like Goma Tofu (sesame tofu) Gammodoki (tofu pasties) and Kenchinjiru (vegetable temple soup).

Kinu Yukawa is a cooking instructor and private chef from Kobe, Japan, and currently teaches Japanese cooking at the Japan Centre London. She trained at Ecole Ritz Escoffier Paris and traditional Japanese cuisine in Kyoto. She believes in the simplicity of the Japanese philosophy in enjoying food with the body's five senses as well as cooking with the seasons.

Traditional Italian Cooking with Angela Agrati Prange

 June 13th & 14th        10am - 5pm both days          £225

Angela Agrati Prange cooking

Whether you are interested in learning some healthy versions of classic Italian dishes, or an experienced macrobiotic cook, this is going to be an exceptional weekend with one of the most experienced macrobiotic chefs showing you how to cook some fabulous recipes.

Angela will be creating pasta dishes, vegetable tarts, gnocchi, and amazing desserts. Also plant-based protein dishes using tofu, seitan, tempeh and beams to create gourmet and attractive dishes for everyday meals and for special occasions.

Angela will show you how to make some sumptuous sugar-free plant-based desserts including cakes, tarts, creams, mousse and sweet snacks made with wholesome ingredients.

This is a unique chance to study with one of the most knowledgeable and creative macrobiotic chefs ever! Angela has run many restaurants and is currently chef consultant for the Lu-Ma Cafe in London and the Happy Kitchen in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is the author of Cooking with Angela, full of delcious macrobiotic and vegan recipes for everyday cooking.

Men's Health Day

Will be rescheduled to the autumn - watch this space!

Oliver Cowmeadow

 Men, do you want to eat a healthier plant-based diet, but want some food you can get your teeth into?  Learn how to take care of your prostate, heart and brain with diet and lifestyle changes to avoid the prostate problems affecting 40% of men over the age of 50. Find out how to keep your heart healthy, your brain working 100%, and reduce your chances of getting some common cancers.

This day is taught by the school principal Oliver Cowmeadow, who brings 40 years of study and experience in guiding thousands of students and clients towards greater health and healing many common problems.

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Here are some comments from people who have been on our courses :-

"Great weekend! Delicious, doable recipes, lovely tutors well informed and truely motivating."  Angela, Plant-based Cooking

"I came away feeling nurtured and much more skilled than when I'd arrived. Without sounding too dramatic, it's probably the best money I've spent in a long time!" April, Looking After Your Health

"This has been a powerful kickstart to discovering my true authentic self, as well as a lovely environment to be in among like-minded people." Lizzie, Looking After Your Health

"Amazing kitchen space, i have been inspired to think more consciously about me food and life, and feel more confident about the next steps i can take."  Tara,  Plant-based Cooking