International Macrobiotic School

Our Response To The Coronavirus Situation

We are all being stretched at this time with the personal and social challenges presented to us with the spread of the coronavirus. We want to play our part in contributing everything we can in these challenging times, and bring all of our experience of helping others with their physical and psychological health and spiritual inspiration to as many people as we can.

As with other educational centres we are having to contract our residential courses, but so we can continue to bring help we are moving our training courses online and postponing some short courses to a later date.

We have also rolled out a new programme of special low cost online courses so that you can continue to study with us and gain practical skills in how to look after yourself and those around you well. 

And lastly, Oliver has given many free question and answer sessions via Facebook videos that you may find helpful during this time.

About The International Macrobiotic School

This school is about empowering people to create and maintain health and happiness using the enriching alchemy of macrobiotic cooking as a central way of creating physical health, along with emotional and mental balance.

With us, you will learn how to clear old emotions and behaviours to step into your real self through food, lifestyle and exercise. We teach you to transform high quality sugar-free and dairy-free wholefood ingredients into the most healing, delicious and varied plant-based (mostly vegan) meals, drawing on Oriental philosophy and ingredients, while valuing the importance of local, sustainable food.

Discover the basics with one of our Short Courses, transform your health with our one year Holistic Nutrition for Body and Soul course, or gain professional skills on our Health Coach & Wholefoods Cook and Macrobiotic Health Consultant courses.

The International Macrobiotic School is a leading centre of education in natural healing, with courses based in the South West of England and Gent in Belgium, with experienced and international teachers.

International Macrobiotic School teachers Oliver and Marijke

School founders Oliver Cowmeadow and Marijke De Coninck say: "We are passionate about spreading the simple ways everyone can use to find health, happiness and deep healing in their lives. We founded this school to spread the wisdom of macrobiotics and Oriental philosophy that we have been using for the past 35 years to help thousands of clients and students.

"We would love to welcome you on one of our short courses, or if your want to study in-depth, transform your own health and find a new career helping others then join us on our holistic nutrition and professional training courses." 

If you would like a copy of the school's prospectus, please download it here.