With over 40 years experience of macrobiotics, plant-based eating, shiatsu and oriental medicine, the founder of the School, Oliver Cowmeadow is a leading figure in the macrobiotic movement in Europe. The School also has a range of highly experienced and capable teachers – all of whom will support you on your learning journey with us.

Oliver Cowmeadow

Oliver is the founder and principle of the International Macrobiotic School and is the lynchpin of the professional training courses. He brings over 40 years of experience to his teaching and nutritional consultations, beginning his study of macrobiotics and shiatsu in 1980 in London.

He travelled to Boston USA and around Europe to deepen his studies with Michio and Aveline Kushi and other leading teachers, and in 1984 he moved to the south west of England where he has been teaching and practicing as a macrobiotic health counsellor and shiatsu therapist ever since.

He has seen a very wide range of clients over the past 35 years, and helped thousands of people find greater health. In the 1990’s he studied person-centred emotional counseling and rebirthing, and often includes the emotional side of healing in his holistic consultations.

In 1985, Oliver founded one of the first shiatsu schools in the country, and over the next 29 years trained hundreds of shiatsu practitioners. In 2003 he founded the International Macrobiotic School stemming from his passion for high standards of education and in depth training for practitioners.

Having worked for the Shiatsu Society for seven years setting up training standards for the profession in the UK, in 2006 he initiated the same process for macrobiotics within the Macrobiotic Association.

He is respected for his deep knowledge of macrobiotic and natural healing, and with a degree in Zoology also brings relevant scientific information to his teaching and practice. He has written five books on macrobiotics and shiatsu, and continues to work hard to bring his passion for empowering people to take care of their own health and lives with Oriental medicine and natural healing to as many people as possible.

Lara Holmes – Macrobiotic Teacher

Lara is a macrobiotic Health Consultant, cook and enthusiastic teacher; with a caring an nurturing approach to her cooking and teaching.

She has worked with holistic healthcare for many years at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Exeter where she also gives consultations.

Celia Duplock – Macrobiotic Teacher

Celia is a Macrobiotic cook and practitioner based in the Cotswolds. Passionate about preparing and eating wholefoods, Celia’s enthusiastic, positive approach to cooking inspires students to create and enjoy delicious, nourishing food.

Celia runs regular cooking workshops at the Organic Farm Shop in Cirencester and offers cooking lessons for individuals and small groups in their own homes. She also offers individual Macrobiotic consultations, food coaching and menu planning.

Yvonne Hoile – Macrobiotic Teacher

Yvonne is a teacher at the International Macrobiotic School. She trained at IMS and also supports clients with macrobiotic consultations, emotional healing, and cooking experiences in Berkshire.

She aims to guide students on both their knowledge of macrobiotics and support their health and emotional lives. Her counselling knowledge means she provides a supportive and encouraging environment to help students develop their understanding of macrobiotics, share experiences, and help create balance in their lives.

Yvonne is also a qualified counsellor and has a diploma in vegan cooking from Demuths Cookery School. She also worked previously as an office manager at large financial services firms, where she supported and developed the roles of over 30 support staff.

Sharlene Belusevic – Wellbeing Community Leader

Sharlene discovered the International Macrobiotic School almost 15 years ago after signing up for Looking After Your Health and has not looked back since. After experiencing the deep and profound transformation of macrobiotics in her own life she is keen to share the gifts of macrobiotics with others.

Sharlene is a Macrobiotic Cook & Consultant and a Circle Facilitator. She loves to work with other women and teach them about the benefits eating well and is a senior trainer at Sistership Circle training other women in circle facilitation and feminine leadership.

Sharlene enjoys connecting with others and is inspired to share all of the gifts that the school has to offer.

Liz Meadows – Movement Teacher

Liz Meadows – Shiatsu Practitioner and Teacher

Liz graduated from the Devon School of Shiatsu in 2002 and went on to complete a post-graduate Diploma in Shiatsu in Pregnancy with Suzanne Yates of Well Mother. Following this training she focuses a lot of her work on Women’s Reproductive Health Issues and the importance of nurturing touch. She also holds a Diploma in Equine Shiatsu with Sue Hix and has worked both giving Shiatsu to horses and facilitating Equine Therapy.

She currently has a private practice in Totnes and Buckfastleigh, where she also offers Creative Kinesiology and Animal Communication.

Her passion is also to support people on their personal journeys through their connection to nature and she regularly runs Healing Ceremonies at Sacred Sites on Dartmoor.

To find out more please visit her website at meadowspirithealing.com

Suzanne Uren – Counselling

Suzanne has been working as a counsellor and shamanic healer/energy therapist for 25 years, having completed a four-year diploma in counselling and three years of shamanic training.

In her counselling practice she offers breath work, body work, soul retrieval, past life healing, re-birthing, movement ritual and sound healing. She aims to create a safe environment for people to explore, unravel and clear what occludes them from being their true alive selves. In this way she hopes to support self responsibility for emotions which in turn can facilitate self empowerment. She specialises in inner child healing and sexuality issues. Suzanne also works in outdoor nature based ceremony/therapy on Dartmoor, including vision quests and shorter nature retreats.

She works with many issues and is interested in the connection between our spirituality, mental health, physical well-being, emotional connectedness and food. She believes that the self discovery of this inter- connectedness within us to what is outside is a deeply empowering healing.

Kirsty Hurd-Thomas – Movement Teacher

Kirsty has a background in drama and movement work and has been practising body-based work all of her adult life. These practices continue to include contact dance, five rhythms, movement of being and Qi-gong.

She graduated from the Devon School of Shiatsu in 2009, and has had a private Shiatsu practice ever since. She continues her studies with regular post-graduate courses including Movement Shiatsu. As well as her private practice and teaching, Kirsty works for a detox retreat where she offers Shiatsu and abdominal treatments.

At the moment she is developing some work with a colleague exploring how we can become more present to touch. She lives in Totnes with her family. To find out more about Kirsty please visit her website at shiatsutotnes.co.uk

Keith Belliss – Anatomy and Physiology

Keith teaches all of the western anatomy, physiology and pathology on our courses. He first trained in Sport Science, and has been working at a physical rehabilitation centre since 1990.

Keith studied Shiatsu at the Devon School of Shiatsu, and now has a private practice, as well as introducing shiatsu to the Nuffield Hospital in Exeter. His teaching is renowned for being lively and easily understood, especially for those with little prior study of this subject.

Visiting Teachers

Tine Tomme

I am Tine, a psychologist for 20 years, a deep soul diver, and the inspirer of the Avalonhoeve.

I grew up with macrobiotics and cooking for groups and teaching are my greatest passions.

In addition, I guide people holistically towards more health growth, better quality of life, and optimal health.

I feel honored to be able to cook and teach again after all this time at the International Macrobiotic School.

Melanie Hubbard – yoga Instructor, cooking teacher, and macrobiotic nutritional consultant based in Hertfordshire.

“I believe that when we live in harmony with basic laws we can experience good health and ultimately the ‘freedom’ to live life to our full potential. My in depth study of macrobiotic principles involved many inspiring teachers and enhanced my work as a yoga teacher and has enabled me to work more deeply with others on their healing paths.

The training offered at the International Macrobiotic School is unique in that it integrates emotional healing along with the physical, mental and spiritual levels. It provided a deeply held support structure for me to develop personally in order to take this level of healing out in the world on a professional level. Since qualifying I regularly return to the school for further support and advanced training which is offered from some of the most experienced international teachers. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities the training has given me and I now feel I have the roots to hold and the wings to fly.”

Melanie’s practice, Nourishing Life includes teaching yoga, as well as working as a lifestyle coach and cooking teacher using the skills she developed at the school. She works with groups and individuals to inspire others to cook and enjoy delicious food based on a natural diet, which is deeply nourishing and environmentally sustainable. She has also worked at retreats in the South of France for people with cancer.

Michael Rossoff L.Ac

Michael brings over 40 years of experience and dedication in natural healing to his teaching and personal counselling. He is recognised and respected for his articulate, organised way of conveying valuable and fascinating information. He translates profound wisdom into practical, useful and applicable knowledge. His teaching inspires students not only in caring for their own health needs, but also in guiding others in healthy living and eating.

In 1969, Michael began his journey of personal change by discovering macrobiotics. At that time he studied with Michio Kushi, joining other early students who gathered for classes in Boston’s “study houses”. A couple of years later, Michael went to study acupuncture and oriental healing with J.R. Worsley, in England, before schools for acupuncture were available in the United States.

By 1975 he had set up a personal counselling and acupuncture practice in his home town, Washington, DC and the Maryland suburbs. He also began offering classes, from one-evening public lectures to extended advanced study programs. In more recent years, he has was dean at a North Carolina acupuncture school and taught shiatsu massage at local massage schools.

Michael’s teaching draws on over 40 years of experience. He has taught beginning to advanced levels, from evening lectures to extended courses. In addition to cities in the United States, he has been popular in other countries — England most often, also Italy, Israel, Croatia and Portugal.

Michael continues his journey as a student of both western medicine and eastern health practices. He currently maintains a private counselling and acupuncture practice in Asheville, NC, in the mountains of Appalachia. He has counselled many thousands of people, of all ages and health conditions, helping them regain greater health and wellbeing.

Anna MacKenzie

Anna qualified and worked first as a designer, then in Macrobiotics at the Community Health Foundation in London and Kiental.

She has been teaching, catering and leading workshops in macrobiotic cuisine and nutrition, healing and home remedies, yoga and movement and the Art of Space Clearing, for many years in different countries.

She sees that an open, generous macrobiotic way of life and philosophy is a sound basis for a healthy, ecological, spiritual culture and sustainable future.

Taught by Aveline Kushi, Denny Waxman, Denise Linn among others, she considers nature to be a remarkable teacher. She also enjoys gardening and counselling. Anna is a past chairman of the Macrobiotic Association.

Support Staff

Karen Evans – Office Manager

Karen has worked in finance and administration for much of her working life.  Her working history has included schools and retreat centres.

Also a qualifited Creative Kinesiologist, she has a holistic outlook and is very conscious of the value of food in our lives.

Karen loves to welcome and meet students and guests to the school.

Claire Rogers – Marketing and Organisational Manager

Claire has a background in project management, photography and marketing and is a qualified massage and holistic beauty therapist. Claire’s love for Plant Based foods led her to the school where she is currently enjoying learning all about Macrobiotics.