How To Cook Healthy Food

 Looking After Your Health Course

 5 day course £495

Wednesday 23rd - Sunday 27th September 2020

Wednesday 25th - Sunday 29th November 2020


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How To Cook Healthy Food 

In five amazing days, this transformative course will teach you how to cook over 60 healthy wholefood, plant-based recipes in 10 mostly hands-on classes to help you create balance and to understand the effects food has on your body and emotions.

This course also teaches oriental health diagnosis techniques to help identify the roots of illness and how you can to regain and strengthen your health.


“This course is probably the most important thing I have done and will do in the third part of my life, as it has shown me where my health problems are and how I can overcome them, and at the same time, create a happier future.” Gudrum 

How To Cook Healthy Food - Students and Teacher

You will learn

• How to create balance in your diet and life using the ancient principles of Yin and Yang
• How to understand the effects that food is having on your body and emotions
• To use traditional methods of Oriental diagnosis to gain a clear understanding of your present health, and you can heal illnesses and enjoy stronger health
• How to prepare delicious breakfasts, lunches and suppers with 10 cooking classes
• Over 70 fabulous health-building recipes for you to use at home.

"From the moment I walked in, I felt safe, held and encouraged in my journey of healing. It has been an overwhelmingly beautiful week of nourishment at a truly deep level, and I feel like I am back on my journey of life again.”

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Full 5 day course fee £495 (deposit £200)
Days 1 - 4  9.00am - 8.00pm
Day 5         9.00am - 4.00pm


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How To Cook Healthy Food -  23rd to 27th September 2020 

Looking After Your Health


How To Cook Healthy Food -  25th to 29th November 2020

Looking After Your Health



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