Macrobiotic Student Testimonials

Testimonials - What Our Students Say

Macrobiotic Student Testimonials

"From the moment I walked in through the door, I felt safe, held and encouraged in my journey of healing. It has been an overwhelmingly beautiful week of nourishment at a truly deep level. I feel like I am back on my journey of life again.” Mell, Looking After Your Health

I came away feeling nurtured and much more skilled than when I'd arrived. Without sounding too dramatic, it's probably the best money I've spent in a long time!" April, Looking After Your Health

This course is a truly inspirational five days of learning and personal development. It opens up the exciting world of macrobiotics in a very accessible and practical way.” Alison, Looking After Your Health

This course has been life-changing, self-affirming and generally so rewarding for me. I have found such a connection with myself, spiritually, emotionally and with the wellbeing of others.” Charlie, Holistic Nutrition for Body and Soul

 Macrobiotic Student TestimonialsThe school gave me an opportunity to look inside of my life and being. I wouldn’t have been able to start my emotional work without the school’s support and encouragement. I feel safer and grounded, although I have to go through a lot more, I’m confident that I can do it. The support from all the teachers, course mates, kitchen assistants, teaching assistants were amazing.“ Yuko Ozawa Weston, Health Coach & Wholefoods Cook

“An amazing experience. I have felt held on all levels and am excited to share what I have learnt out in the world. The course was my haven and inspiration. Such an important part of the course was shifting emotional blocks and letting the teachings sink deeper. Melanie Hubbard, Macrobiotic Health Consultant and Healing Cook

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