April 1, 2023

How to Keep Yourself Balanced Through Daily Adjustments to Diet & Lifestyle

How to Keep Yourself Balanced Through Daily Adjustments to Diet & Lifestyle

Everything in nature and the universe works according to two forces – yin and yang. Since we are a part of nature, we are also governed by these forces and in order to keep healthy and happy, we must maintain a balance between these to energies.

Macrobitics and Oriental Medicine has very practical ways that we can create and maintain balance between yin and yang. For example, we need to have a balance of work and play or a balance between being active and resting. Or we need time with others and also time on our own. Too little or too much can start to create imbalance and unhappiness in our lives.

Since everything is always changing, this means we too are always changing. If we want to stay in good health, it means that we must also learn how we can change and make daily adjustments to our diet and lifestyle to keep in balance.

Macrobiotics is the practice of freedom, play and exploration. It is not a rigid, fixed or obsessive way of living and eating. Rather it is a way of deeply understanding ourselves and how we can make choices to create more balance and happiness in our lives.

Check out this video to find out how you can make daily adjustment in your life and in your diet to create balance and long term health and happiness:

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