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What Is Individualised Medicine?

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Individualized medicine, a term coined by Western medicine, has recently gained attention as a more effective way of tailoring treatments to specific patients. However, this concept of treating individuals based on their unique needs and characteristics has been present in traditional forms of medicine for thousands of years.

Taking Care of Your Health

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The origins of macrobiotics lies in Far Eastern philosophy and medicine, which has long held that we can enjoy vital health through our whole lifetime, by paying attention to our daily diet, lifestyle and positive social interactions. In fact, in some places doctors were paid while their clients were well, and payment stopped when people became ill!

Holistic Health Secrets – Unlocking Vitality Through Nutritional Coaching

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With over 40 years’ experience in Oriental Medicine and Macrobiotics, Oliver Cowmeadow shares with us his top 3 holistic health secrets to unlocking vitality through nutritional coa more...

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