Creating Healthy Boundaries Workshop

Led by Lynn Hyde 

Friday 27th May 2022 4pm – Sunday 29th May 2022 4pm

£220, including meals from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime

Offer Price £197 each or £297 for two people.

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Lynn is a qualified therapist working with individuals and couples for over 15 years. She is particularly interested in deepening relationships, cultivating presence, being embodied and sexuality. She works holistically, often supporting people to change their lifestyle, their diet and self care. She runs movement and self development workshops on deepening connection with self and others and non-sexual touch. She works with a unique combination of fun, lightness and depth.



Do you sometimes feel you are not treated by others how you want to be treated?
Or do you dream of being able to put yourself first sometimes?
Or do you rely on the people around you for a healthy sense of self-esteem?
Or do you get overwhelmed by other people’s emotions?
Or do you lose your sense of self when in relationship?
Or do you struggle to be clear about what you want and what you don’t want?
Or do you find it difficult to stick up for yourself?
Or do you fear that saying No will create separation and loss of love?

Any of these could be because of a lack of healthy boundaries.

Boundaries are crucial for a fulfilling life. They enable us to define what’s okay for us and not okay for us and being able to communicate our boundaries effectively means that we get more of what we want in life, as well as enabling us to grow and flourish.

Boundaries workshop

• You will learn about how boundaries and safety are closely interlinked
• You will learn to tune in and be more present within yourself so you can more clearly discover what boundaries you need
• You will learn that making boundaries is an incredible gift to yourself and others around you
• You will learn what blocks you from setting adequate boundaries
• You will learn ways of expressing your boundaries clearly to others
• You will learn that creating healthy boundaries will deepen connections and friendships and not destroy them

The weekend will involve dance, exploring boundaries through movement, time for sharing and helping each other to deepen your understanding of your process, some art work, having fun and eating healthy nutritious food whilst staying in a beautiful Devon Countryside retreat centre.

We will be doing daily lateral flow tests to keep everyone safe.

Come on your own or with a partner.


Creating Healthy Boundaries
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Creating Healthy Boundaries
How Did You Hear About This Course?



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Boundaries Workshop Friday 27th - Sunday 29th May


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