Third Year Student Resources

Anatomy & Physiology Study and Assessment for Wellbeing Shiatsu

Websites of IMS Graduates and Friends

Anna Freedman’s Cookery School         

Melanie Hubbard’s macro and yoga      

Anna Bolsa in Portugal                             

Dave Sowden’s Cornwall Business         

Suzy Saunder’s retreat centre                  

Sabine Von Wiren’s cooking, health coaching

Nicky Clinch’s transformational courses 

Silvia’s food photography business.         

Maria Serrano’s shiatsu and macro.         

Trish Dent macro cooking and excercise

Lies steeno shiatsu and movement          

Anne Siedel in Germany                               

Health Coaching Videos

Health Coaching Online – Anna Joti Low

Health Coaching Online – Louise Adams

Health Coaching Follow up Consultations

Anna joti Low – Follow up consultation

Module 1 Class Recordings

Shiatsu basic principles,
check in

of the course

Touch and skin

Shiatsu Basic Principles, Check in

Diagnosis, tongue posture and movement

Counselling Skills,
feelings and emotions

Counselling Skills,
confrontive interventions

Revise back diagnosis and
Individual treatments


Aims, homework
and sharing

Module 2 Class Recordings

Consultations review
Tree diagnosis

Li and GB, warning of
Serious illness

A, P&P Urinary System
Keith Bellis

Health Studies
Skeletal System

Skeletal Consultation
Natasha Daniel