The International Macrobiotic School’s professional courses are the longest and most in-depth training in macrobiotics in Europe, leading to qualifications which are internationally accredited. If your career aspirations are health or food related then we can help you achieve your goals.

Our longer training courses offer an understanding of macrobiotics, nutrition and wellbeing in a way unrivalled both in terms of duration and thoroughness. After more than 40 years of study and practice, founder Oliver Cowmeadow has created a three-year process that gives you a 360-degree understanding of food and it’s deep connection to our emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Training courses include macrobiotic cooking as you would expect, but they also include a transformative programme of bodywork, emotional healing, diagnostic skills and an understanding of the (Ki) energy system of the body. In addition, they provide a clear pathway for professional development and career opportunities for graduates as chefs, consultants, bodyworkers and cooking teachers.

Training pathway

“I would suggest this course to others straight away! It is a great course for self-healing, macrobiotic understanding and to make the base for a business”

Silvia, Foundation Course Student

Developing A Thorough Grounding in Macrobiotics And Beyond

Our Holistic Nutrition & Cooking Year can be completed as a stand-alone course for those wanting to use the holistic understanding of macrobiotics to benefit their own health and life. It can also be taken as the starting point in a new career or as part of your continuing professional or personal development. Covering all the basics of macrobiotics this in-depth course also covers cooking skills, menu planning and learning diagnostic skills. It also includes exercise such as do-in and qigong alongside shiatsu and makko-ho. You’ll also develop listening and emotional healing skills.

Your Accreditation

We train you to the standards set by the Macrobiotic Association which has ratified these courses, and as a graduate you can then be accredited and become a Practitioner Member.

Flexible Learning

Our courses consist of mostly 4-day modules, spread 6 to 8 weeks apart. This has given time for our students to practice all the skills we teach between the modules. From time to time we also run courses with an online component or as intensives.

Explore professional courses

Holistic Nutrition & Cooking Year

This Holistic Nutrition & Cooking Year course provides high quality training in holistic nutrition, physical and emotional healing and whole foods cooking. It includes the study of Oriental philosophy and medicine, body work, emotional healing and personal development and lots of cooking classes with a completion certificate.

Health Coach Year

The Health Coach Year will deepen your understanding of a holistic macrobiotic approach to life and health, and to learn the skills to offer professional cooking and healing to others. Upon completion of the course you will be an excellent Wholefood Chef, able to cook amazingly delicious and healthy food for clients, groups, retreats and in restaurants.

Macrobiotic Health Consultant

This Macrobiotic Health Consultant Year course is the most in-depth and comprehensive training in macrobiotic healing that we know of, and will give you some amazing skills in helping others heal themselves physically and emotionally, and become more in touch with their true aliveness and purpose in life.

Gaining A Professional Qualification That Is Genuinely Pioneering

Upon completion of the Health Coach Year you qualify as a Health Coach, Wholefood Chef and Wellbeing Shiatus Practitioner. A further 16 months of study and practice qualifies you to become a Macrobiotic Health Consultant and Medicinal Cook. In a course that is the most thorough of its kind in Europe your study and practice goes deeper and wider to include health coaching and consulting skills, intensive study of nutrition, Oriental diagnostic skills and pathology, cooking to heal specific problems, shiatsu and teaching skills.

As you might expect this extensive training is a transformational experience for students – through enhancing your own body awareness, consciousness, physical and emotional health. We follow the principle that to learn to heal others we must first heal ourselves, and through our own experiences we develop the wisdom to help others.

“There are few courses that offer such a thorough, holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle. This course can be demanding and challenging at times, but the support from both the teaching staff and fellow students is invaluable and the friendships you make along the way further enrich the journey. Having completed the 3 year training I can recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their own health and develop a deeper understanding of how to help others do the same”

Celia Duplock, Macrobiotic Health Consultant.

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What’s life like as a Health Coach?

What’s it like to study & train with us?

Our in-depth & holistic Health Coach training

The International Macrobiotic School offers by far the most in-depth training in macrobiotics
Michael Rossoff, world-renowned macrobiotics teacher.

Our professional qualification graduates have created successful businesses, using their cooking, health coaching, teaching and health counselling skills. Here is what a few of them are up to in their new careers.

Silvia Bifaro – plant-based chef and food styler based in London.

“I worked as a designer in Italy and then slipped into holistic nutrition when I moved to the UK where I attended the full programme at the International Macrobiotic School. I write recipes and I style food photos for an Italian blog, as well as my own. My core interests are vegan sugar-free fine patisserie and children’s nutrition. My coming projects are workshops for children and mums, based on my own experience as the mother of two very little people, and my interest in Montessori education.

My journey into macrobiotics has been not only about food. It has been a holistic approach to a new self. Oliver Cowmeadow is the most dedicated person I have ever known and I owe him more than just the immense knowledge I have gained.

In Italy we have an old saying that can probably summarise what I mean: ‘When I was hungry, I was given not only the fish, but I have been given the tools and the knowledge how to fish for myself, so I will never be hungry again’.

The empowerment and self-awareness I gained during these years have made me a new, happier person. It is a life changing programme, and a very nourishing experience. The subjects are various so at the end of the three year course you have gained a proper picture of what a client would need. I cannot recommend it enough!”

To find out more about Silvia and see some of her stunning work, visit

Melanie Hubbard – yoga Instructor, cooking teacher, and macrobiotic nutritional consultant based in Hertfordshire.

“I believe that when we live in harmony with basic laws we can experience good health and ultimately the ‘freedom’ to live life to our full potential. My in depth study of macrobiotic principles involved many inspiring teachers and enhanced my work as a yoga teacher and has enabled me to work more deeply with others on their healing paths.

The training offered at the International Macrobiotic School is unique in that it integrates emotional healing along with the physical, mental and spiritual levels. It provided a deeply held support structure for me to develop personally in order to take this level of healing out in the world on a professional level. Since qualifying I regularly return to the school for further support and advanced training which is offered from some of the most experienced international teachers. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities the training has given me and I now feel I have the roots to hold and the wings to fly.”

Melanie’s practice, Nourishing Life includes teaching yoga, as well as working as a lifestyle coach and cooking teacher using the skills she developed at the school. She works with groups and individuals to inspire others to cook and enjoy delicious food based on a natural diet, which is deeply nourishing and environmentally sustainable. She also works at retreats in the South of France for people with cancer.

Gilly Webber – proprietor at Hut Therapy (Bed & Wholefood Breakfast).

“The school’s course revolutionised my approach to food. It elevated my understanding of food and cooking and my skill level immeasurably. I have mastered how to create a balanced plate of food using the Five Elements – a plate that is delicious and satisfying to eat, visually attractive, and leaves my guests smiling after they have left the table.

However, this course is definitely not just about food – I made valuable connections at a physical, emotional and spiritual level during my time in Devon, and whilst previously I had led my life in a fragmented way, I was helped to reconnect and live my life in a healthier, more authentic way. The philosophical teachings, specifically the 12 macrobiotic principles, have given me a much broader context with which to live life, to view change as a force for good (rather than fear) and have given me the tools for living a bigger, more fulfilled life.”

Hut Therapy is an unusual B&B serving macrobiotic quality whole food at East Chiltington, a small, rural hamlet at the foot of the South Downs in the South Downs National Park.

Bini Sharman – Macrobiotic natural foods chef, nutritional consultant, and shiatsu therapist.

“Coming from a background as a chef, this training programme helped to expand my repertoire in holistic vegan cooking. I discovered tremendous variety in cooking with whole foods, learning how to use every bean, grain, and protein that exists. I also enjoyed mastering the art of making quality vegan sweets and treats. It has been so exciting for me to work with the Five Transformations and discover how to combine them to create nourishing tasty food. Balancing different ingredients for optimal nutrition, I adjust meals according to the seasons and the local availability of fresh ingredients.

On a more personal level, I was also able to connect more with who I am, discover my talents, find ways to deal with my emotional challenges and grow in confidence. Studying at the International Macrobiotic School helped me to continue on the path I wanted to take and establish myself in my life and profession.”

Currently based in the Netherlands, Bini supports individuals and groups that want to make healthy changes in their lives. She also offers holistic health retreats in France and the Netherlands, providing introductory courses to macrobiotic cooking and theory, and as a retreat chef at Puyssentut centre for people dealing with or recovering from cancer.
Bini has recently developed her own line of Bini’s Balls, bite-sized healthy snacks, which she sells in health food shops in the Netherlands and ships on-demand.

Anna Freedman – author of Pure Baby and founder of London cookery school Wholefood Harmony.

“I gained a rich experience with macrobiotics from the training at the International Macrobiotic School. I immersed myself in the study of macrobiotics and developed skills in cookery, life counselling, natural ways to health for so many conditions, oriental diagnosis and so much more. I found a great affinity with pure food and it’s creation, styling, teaching, menu design, art of making balance and full flavours.

The school enabled me to realise a path with natural food cuisine and expand health for many others, which is hugely fulfilling for me!”

Wholefood Harmony offers personal or online training, as well as offers food and health coaching, public and private cookery courses and catering. For more information, visit

Suzy Saunders – runs a holistic retreat centre in the Lake District, which includes wholefood and macrobiotic cookery workshops.

“Since beginning studies and graduating from the International Macrobiotic School I have found my life flowing into its true direction. On graduation it felt like the rest of my life was ready to unfold, I knew who I was and where I wanted to go. Since then it just keeps unfolding from this firm foundation.

I have created my dream of being able to offer a place where people can come and learn how to empower themselves by caring and cooking in a holistic way. I am living my dream.

This creation, Sunny Brow Holistic Retreat, is situated in an idyllic spot in the heart of the South Lake District, surrounded by beautiful English countryside. We offer holistic holidays in our converted barns, a selection of fantastic retreats, and a heart opening space for special ceremonies such as weddings, naming ceremonies and other key life events. The course for me set me firmly on my soul path and I am eternally grateful to all who shared and facilitated this for me.”