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Thursday 6th January 2022

Meet Some of Our Graduates From The Foundation Year Course

Our Foundation Year Course offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and development through our thorough foundational training in macrobiotics. It is a year long course that will teach you all of the basics in emotional healing and personal development, whole food cooking, Oriental philosophy and medicine, bodywork and how to really take care of and nourish yourself on a deep level. 

Throughout the one year journey you will be supported to make changes in your diet, lifestyle and well-being so that you can use this knowledge and experience for your own growth. You can expect to learn a lot about yourself, connect with like-minded others and enjoy an enriching journey of discovery. 

All that you learn on this course can be used in it's own right or as a basis for our Second & Third Year courses and a potential new career. If you go onto our Second Year course you will qualify as a Health Coach, Wholefoods Chef and a Wellbeing Shiatsu Practitioner. If you go onto the Third Year course you can qualify as a Macrobiotic Consultant and a Medicinal Cook, with an option of some additional 4-5 day study that would qualify you as a Shiatsu Practitioner. 

 Here we share with you some interviews from some of our graduates of the Foundation Year Course. Click on the videos to watch: 


Meet Kim

Meet Dave

Meet Louse


  Our next online Foundation Year Course, Holistic Nutrition For Body and Soul is starting in February online. To find out more and book visit: https://macroschool.co.uk/macrobiotics/training-courses/holistic-nutrition-course/91