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Sunday 26th July 2020

Holistic Health Coaching Live - An Interactive Health Coaching Experience

Holistic Health Coaching Live
Thursday 12th August
7-9pm via Zoom 
There has been no other time in the history of mankind when looking after ourselves has become so important. Now more than ever we must empower ourselves with the right tools, knowledge and wisdom that will allow us to take our health, happiness and our future into our own hands.
To do so requires that we are guided by those who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, which is why we are offering this free, interactive workshop. In this two hour workshop you will witness a live, in the moment, Holistic Health Coaching session where leading teacher and holistic health consultant Oliver Cowmeadow will be demonstrating what it means to guide and empower one or two participants to holistically and wholesomely transform their diet and life. 
As a participant, you will experience the power of Holistic Health Coaching and witness the potent and transformative combination of diet, oriental diagnosis, and personal development. You will learn how this macrobiotic approach to health and wellbeing is rooted in a combination of Eastern philosophy and modern approaches to nutrition and offers a truly holistic blueprint for vibrant physical health and emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
Macrobiotics offers a solid foundation for improving health, preventing illness, and help with recovery from existing health challenges. Taking things further can open up a new career as a Nutritional Coach helping others enjoy a more fulfilled and healthy life.
Join leading macrobiotic teacher and holistic health consultant Oliver Cowmeadow on this free workshop via Zoom. Oliver has been practising macrobiotics and oriental healing methods for over forty years and is the principal and founder of the International Macrobiotic School based in Devon, UK. 
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