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Wednesday 30th September 2020

Healing Diabetes The Macrobiotic Way

The UK government recently extended a pilot programme to help people with recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes make changes to their diets and take up exercise. This NHS programme puts people on a restricted diet and exercise plan for 3 months, followed by recommended longer term changes including eating a plant-based diet. What’s exciting about this for me is that it shows that principles we have been working with in macrobiotics not only work, but they are at last beginning to gain momentum in mainstream medicine.

Over Four Decades Of Macrobiotic Experience

For the last forty years macrobiotic practitioners have been gaining similar results with type 2 diabetes and obesity. By adopting a balanced diet, making changes emotionally and practising simple exercises such as Do-in or Makko-ho (Japanese exercises to help energy flow in the body) it’s possible not only to heal newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes but also to make significant progress with longer-term diabetes and obesity.

Us human beings do have a tendency to only change when we really have to - when our pain is great enough we then feel ready to make changes! But it’s good to see how both nationally and globally we are beginning to wake up and see the connection between our diet, lifestyle, emotional and spiritual health. At this time of global pandemic, it’s also sobering to look at some of the statistics:

  • Around 33% of those who have died from coronavirus had type 2 diabetes
  • Compare this to around 8% of the population that have the condition
  • People who are obese or overweight face a 40-90% higher risk of dying from coronavirus

healing diabetes

If You Have Diabetes Now Is The Time To Make a Change

Right now, there’s no doubt that it’s a good time for those with type 2 diabetes (and obesity) to look at their diet and lifestyle. The NHS programme is encouraging, but only available in some areas of the UK and the diet is very restrictive including mainly shakes and soups. No doubt for many it will be effective, but with macrobiotics we take a different approach and use a less restrictive diet plan whilst also looking at emotional patterns that need healing and holistic exercise such as Do-In or Qigong.

Watch Our Healing Diabetes Video

If this speaks to you then get in touch. We have many courses that can help. Many people have come to International Macrobiotic School and turned around a whole range of health issues. The rewards of making such a change are truly priceless.