Macrobiotic Consultation Supervision Groups

Update on 26.1.22. We have one free space for the evening supervision group and 2 free spaces for the afternoon group.  Please contact Oliver if you are interested

After the success of the 2021 supervision group, I will be running two in 2022, one on a Thursday afternoon, and one on a Thursday evening, with 7 meetings over the year. Each group will be for a maximum of 6 people who are actively giving macrobiotic consultations, or wanting to develop their practice.

These supervision groups are to give support and new learning to people wanting to develop their macrobiotic counselling skills. In most other therapies it is standard to have regular supervision, to give support with the whole business of seeing clients, solving ethical dilemmas, to help with the business of building up clients, and developing better knowledge and skills.

Personally I want to support the growth of confident and competent macrobiotic health consultants, as the body of knowledge and skills we have are so needed in the world right now! I know that getting started can be daunting, so I want to help you over the threshold into feeling confident with seeing clients and creating the regular practice you want.

Activities will include:

• Supervisees presenting their own cases to receive advice and feedback
• Me presenting some of my more interesting and informative cases
• Me giving live online consultations for supervisees to observe and ask questions about
• Free consultation forms, recommendations booklets etc.
• All sessions will be recorded for your future use
• Possible participation from other macrobiotic counsellors from time to time

Some of the learning you will get:

• Specific advice on guiding your clients
• Building your skills and confidence in seeing clients
• Suggestions and support in building the macrobiotic counselling practice you want
• How to work with challenging clients
• Increased knowledge on new diseases and problems that you have not seen before
• How to deal with difficult ethical situations with clients
• Gaining the support of being in a group of peers

Further professional skills development courses

This group may lead onto running short residential courses at the International Macrobiotic School to further enhance macrobiotic counselling skills, with live clients and plenty of practical practice. Details of the next course on March 25th to 27th will be on the International Macrobiotic School website soon.

Who This Course is for

To join this supervision group you need to be actively giving macrobiotic consultations, even if only at a low level, or just about to start giving professional consultations. You need to have completed sufficient training to be giving in depth macrobiotic consultations.

Update - the evening group is now full,  but there are still places on afternoon group.  If you start on March date then price is £155 for the remaining 6 groups.


Group 1  3-5pm  UK time
Group 2  7-9pm  UK time

Dates for 2022

Both groups are on the same Thursdays on these dates:

January 20th
March 10th
April 28th
June 23rd
September 15th
October 27th
December 1st


You need to book for all 7 sessions.

£180 for the 7 sessions, special Early Bird price of £165 if paid by December 10th.

You can either make one payment of £180, or £165 before December 10th 2021 to the bank account below. Or set up a monthly standing order of £15.00 a month from January 20th to December 20th.


Payments to:

Oliver Cowmeadow
Lloyds Bank, 31 Fore St, Totnes TQ9 5HH, UK
Sort code 30 98 69
Account number 18831568
IBAN GB82LOYD30986918831568

Please email me when you have made the payment or set up the standing order so I can check it has come through, and tell me if you are wanting to join the afternoon or evening group.

Wishing success in your dreams!