Second Year Course - Health Coach, Wholefood Chef & Wellbeing Shiatsu Practitioner

Second Year Course - Health Coach, Wholefood Chef & Wellbeing Shiatsu Practitioner

Next Residential (all taught at the school) course runs from 28th September 2022 - 9th September 2023
(click here for course details).  The cost for the residential is £3,995

Next Online course from runs from  22nd November 2022 - 15th October 2023 (click here for course details)
The cost for the online course is £3,750 with an early bird price of £3550 if deposit paid by 30th August 2022

Fees can be paid in monthly instalments. 

Accommodation is available on-site. 


The aim of the Second Year Course is to deepen your understanding of a holistic macrobiotic approach to life and health, and to learn the skills to offer professional cooking and healing to others. Upon completion of the course you will be an excellent Wholefood Chef, able to cook amazingly delicious and healthy food for clients, groups, retreats and in restaurants. You will also qualify as a Health Coach able to guide individuals and groups in achieving greater health, knowing how to help with many common health problems, and guide people to a happier and more fulfilling life. Additionally, you will also qualify as a Wellbeing Shiatsu Practitioner, able to start a practice in giving shiatsu for relieving stress and tension and promoting general wellbeing. 

  • continue your own transformative & holistic personal development
  • build up professional skills & accelerate your learning 
  • create a whole new business and career path or build upon your existing career 

What Does The Course Cover?

This Second Year Course takes you on a transformative journey that will change your relationship with food, yourself, your work and those around you. It includes 31 days of teaching to deepen your personal journey and develop the skills to become a Health Coach, a Wholefood Chef and a Wellbeing Shiatsu Practitioner, giving you three ways of helping people, and multiple income streams. 

As a Health Coach you will learn skills to enable you to offer in-depth dietary, lifestyle and exercise advice and support clients in their emotional healing. You will understand the causes and healing of common health problems in the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and muscular systems and be able to tailor your advice to support others in improving their health and wellbeing. 

  • offer practical guidance and advice for individual or group coaching 
  • further study and practice counselling skills and Oriental methods of health diagnosis 
  • build your knowledge of the macrobiotic understanding of the causes and healing of a wide range of common health problems 
  • continue your own personal growth as you become aware of and heal your deeper core emotional patterns 

As a Wholefood Chef you will develop the skills to be able to cook for individuals, groups, events and in cafes or restaurants, using a wide variety of ingredients to create attractive and flavourful dishes and meals that are supportive to better health. You will learn how to cook for all kinds of clients including baby food, children, families, exclusion diets such as gluten free and low fibre, as well as a range of traditional pickles and condiments, and gourmet cooking for parties, weddings and entertaining. 

  • take part in a range of hands-on cooking classes 
  • develop a professional standard of cooking and presentation 
  • discover how to create balanced cooking to regain internal balance between yin and yang and the Five Elemental energies
  • assist our expert cooks catering for other groups and special events 

As a Wellbeing Shiatsu Practitioner you will be able to give relaxing and rejuvenating treatments to treat minor health problems and help others establish and regain health and wellbeing. You will deepen your knowledge of the merdians and learn how to support Ki flow and relax and rejuvenate with your healing hands.

  • offer shiatsu treatments to clients for destressing and promoting wellbeing 
  • add another income stream to your business and career 
  • develop your understanding of the meridians and Ki flow in the body 

In the second year you will also learn business studies on how to set up a successful business catering, teaching cooking, health coaching and giving shiatsu treatments.  

"Holistic in the true sense of the word, a wonderful overall approach to counselling, health, healing and the meaning of life"  

Dekyi, Health Coach               

How Is This Course Structured?

The second year consists of 31 days of teaching over 8 modules. There are seven modules of 4 days and an eighth module of 3 days, each starting at 6.00pm on the first evening with dinner, and ending at 3.00pm on the last day. 

For the online course, most of the teaching takes place online on weekends and weekdays. It begins with a 5 day intensive in November and ends with a 6 day intensive at the school in October, 2023 in Devon, England. 

There is a maximum of 12 students on this course to ensure that a high quality of personal guidance and support is offered throughout. 

  • each day begins with Do-in, breathing exercises, meditation, shiatsu or other embodiment practices
  • classes in all aspects of macrobiotic healing and plant-based cooking
  • oriental medicine and health diagnosis, personal development and emotional counselling training 

Live practice is also an important element of the training. The course includes sessions with members of the public at the school - either receiving consultations from you or cooking lessons under the supervision of our tutors. 

  • work with real clients in class and at home
  • supervision, personal guidance and feedback on every client session you run
  • envisioning and building your ideal business 

What Kinds Of People Enrol On This Course?

As with our Foundation Year Course, this training attracts people from all over Europe, north Africa and the Middle East, and our online course also appeals to those based in the USA. Our students are often wanting to change direction in life, develop a new career or add to existing professional skills. Many have gone on to create successful businesses as health coaches, cooks, nutrition consultants or holistic chefs. You can learn about what our graduates have achieved here

We welcome students who have studied in other schools, roughly the same number of hours and subjects that we cover on our Foundation Year Course.  If you are interested in joining either our residential or online Second Year Course, please email the school with details of your studies to date, and we will get back to you to discuss how you can join our Second Year training.

Who Is Teaching The Course And Is It Accredited?

The course is taught by Oliver Cowmeadow and a team of other experienced teachers. Find out more about them here. And yes, it is accredited, so your Second Year is recognised by the Macrobiotic Association. We train you to the standards set by the Macrobiotic Association which has ratified these courses, and as a graduate you can then be accredited by the association and become a Practitioner Member.

Are There Entrance Requirements?

Yes. You need to complete the Foundation Year Course  or have completed equivalent studies elsewhere prior to booking this course. Please get in touch if you need to discuss.

How Much Does The Course Cost? And Can I Pay Monthly?

The course fee is £3995 for the residential and £3750 for the online course (with an early bird price £3500 if deposit is paid by 30th August) You can pay course installments monthly. There's a £750 deposit to secure your place.

Is Accommodation Available?

Yes, we have our own rooms available at the school. For accommodation options please click here.


Have a look here at our residential Second Year Course details and here to view the course details for the Online Second year course. You can also arrange a meeting in person or online with one of our teachers to discuss whether this is the right course for you by contacting us here.

Follow this checklist if you would like to book your place:

✓ Ensure you have a thorough read of the Second Year Course details which you can find links to two lines below. 

✓ Arrange a meeting in person or online with one of our teachers to discuss whether this is the right couse for you by contacting us here.

✓ Complete the booking form for the residential in the course details or in the online course details and send to us. 

✓ Send in your deposit to secure your place (as per email instructions you will receive).