Our longer training courses  offer a deeper understanding of macrobiotics and a holistic Oriental approach to health and wellbeing, including nutrition, cooking, body work and emotional healing.

There are one, two and three year options.

The first year Holistic Nutrition for Body and Soul  can be a stand alone course for those wanting to understand and transform their own health and lives more deeply, or a foundation year for further professional studies.

The second year Health Coach and Wholefoods Cook  course goes deeper and leads to professional qualifications as a Health Coach, Wholefoods Caterer and Cooking Teacher, and Wellbeing Shiatsu Practitioner. There is in-depth study of nutrition, and how to heal a wide variety of health problems using nutrition and life style changes.

The third year Macrobiotic Health Consultant course focuses on the healing power of food, compresses, exercises, shiatsu and emotional work for a wide range of health problems, and leads to  professional qualifications as a Macrobiotic Health Consultant and Medicinal Cook. There is extensive study of nutrition from both in Oriental medicine and western science, and offers one of the most effective nutrition courses available.

All of these courses offer both in-depth knowledge and professional skills training, and also a transformational experience for students through changing their own body awareness, consciousness, physical and emotional health. We follow the principle that to learn to heal others we must first heal ourselves, and through our own experiences we develop the wisdom to guide others.

Course Format - Modular or Intensive Options

For over a decade our year long holistic nutrition training courses have consisted of 7 to 10 mostly 4 day modules, spread 6 to 8 weeks apart. This has given time for our students to make personal changes and practice all the skills we teach between the modules.
In 2018 we started a new intensive format for students who live in more distant countries and to reduce the number of trips, attracting students from as far as Australia, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.
These intensive courses will have the same amount of structured home study built between 9-14 day intensives. 

For an overview of our professional training courses and more information about the school, download our prospectus HERE


If you would like to follow the full training programme, the course dates will be:

Modular Courses

First Year course October 2019 - July 2020

Second Year course January – December 2021

Third Year course March 2021 - July 2022

Intensive Courses

First Year course April 2019 - December 2019

Second Year course  February - December 2020

Third Year course March 2021 - June 2022


Michael Rossoff, nutrition consultant


Michael Rossoff, world-renowned macrobiotic teacher and acupuncturist, says of the course: “Of all the macrobiotic centres I have taught in, the International Macrobiotic School offers by far the most in-depth training in macrobiotic counselling.”




Here at the International Macrobiotic School we train our students to the standards set by the Macrobiotic Association UK, and our students can go on to be accredited by the association, become a Practitioner Member and be included on their website list of practitioners.

The Macrobiotic Association UK was established in 1996 to provide information on macrobiotics to the public, run educational events, and set professional standards for the macrobiotic healing and holistic nutrition courses. It aims to give wider recognition of the value of these in society, to encourage people to train in these healing arts, and to create a high standard of training and practice.

Here is what some of our students say:

professional nutrition course"There are few courses that offer such a thorough, holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle. This course can be demanding and challenging at times, but the support from both the teaching staff and fellow students is invaluable and the friendships you make along the way further enrich the journey. Having completed the 3 year training I can recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their own health and develop a deeper understanding of how to help others do the same.” Celia Duplock (Macrobiotic Nutrition Consultant)

The school gave me an opportunity to look inside of my life and being. I wouldn’t have been able to start my emotional work without the school’s support and encouragement. I feel safer and grounded, although I have to go through a lot more, I’m confident that I can do it. The support from all the teachers, course mates, kitchen assistants, teaching assistants was amazing.“  Yuko Ozawa Weston  (Macrobiotic Health Coach and Wholefoods Chef)

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