Diploma Course

Macrobiotic Health Consultant and Medicinal Cook

 A 30-month professional training course.

£8,490. Affordable monthly payment plan available.
Accomodation is available on-site.

This two-and-a-half year professional, accredited training qualifies you to offer in-depth dietary and lifestyle advice, emotional healing and bodywork treatments, as well as cooking professionally for a wide range of clients.

Building on the Foundation Certificate, the Diploma Course covers all aspects of macrobiotics theory as well as an incredibly thorough practical application of its many facets. We believe it’s the most comprehensive training in macrobiotics available.

"There are few courses that offer such a thorough, holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle. This course can be demanding and challenging at times, but the support from both the teaching staff and fellow students is invaluable and the friendships you make along the way further enrich the journey. I can recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their own health and develop a deeper understanding of how to help others do the same”
Celia Duplock, Food Writer

What Does The Course Cover?

This course takes you on a transformative journey that will change your relationship with food, yourself, your work and those around you. It will also open up a new career path in Macrobiotic Health Consulting, Medicinal Cooking and Shiatsu bodywork.

The Macrobiotic Health Consulting aspect of the training enables you to guide clients on a healing path using detailed dietary and lifestyle advice and when appropriate emotional healing. It includes deepening your understanding of macrobiotic cooking and nutrition, learning how to design menus with specific healing properties, diagnosing imbalance and illness, women’s health challenges, physiology and pathology.

  • Use Oriental medicine and diagnosis methods to accurately assess symptoms
  • Learn to explain the causes of symptoms to clients
  • Recommend specific exercises and practices to aid healing
  • Gain in-depth knowledg of nutrition, anatomy, physiology and pathology

Training to become a Medicinal Cook involves understanding the uses of specific foods, cooking techniques, recipes, and teas to promote balance and heal many health problems. It enables you to ingregrate healing knowledge with cooking skills.

  • Design healing menus for specific illnesses
  • Use Yin & Yang and the Five Elements to create nutrionally balanced dishes for clients
  • Cook for clients with particular allergies and dietary requirements

Shiatsu bodywork adds another dimension to this diploma course.  These treatments offer clients a method by which they can speed up recovery, maintain health and overcome a range of common health complaints.

  • Give full-body Shiatsu treatments
  • Alleviate a variety of back, knee, shoulder, neck and other musculo-skeletal problems
  • Give shiatsu for digestive, respiratory, reproductive and a range of other internal problems

As an additional benefit (after the first year of study) you will qualify as a Health Coach:

  • Start seeing clients halfway through the training
  • Build up professional skills and accelerate your learning

In essence, this diploma will train you to become a truly holistic, Medicinal Cook and Macrobiotic Health Consultant in a way not offered elsewhere.

“Holistic in the true sense of the word, a wonderful overall approach to counselling, health, healing and the meaning of life”
Dekyi, Health Coach

How Is This Course Structured?

Our courses are the longest in Europe with 100 days of teaching and 80 days of structured home study. The course uses a modular format with 17 four to five day modules spread over 30 months with 6 to 8 weeks in between. 

  • 6 to 8 weeks after each module to practice what you have learnt with health consultation, cooking and bodywork related assignments
  • Gradually increase the number of health problems you can consult on
  • Go straight into professional practice after graduation

Small tutorial groups ensure students can receive more personal input whilst variety is offered within each module.

  • Each day begins with Do-in, breathing exercises, meditation, shiatsu or other practices
  • Classes in all aspects of macrobiotic, plant-based cooking
  • Oriental medicine and health diagnosis, personal development and emotional counselling training

Live practice is also an important element of the training. The course includes sessions with members of the public at the School - either receiving consultations from you or cooking lessons under the supervision of our tutors.

  • Working with real clients in class and at home
  • Supervision, personal guidance and feedback on every client session you run
  • Envisioning and building your ideal business

What Kinds of People Enrol On This Course?

As with our Foundation Course, this training attracts people from all over Europe, north Africa and the Middle East. In the man, students want to change direction in life, develop a new career or add to existing professional skills. Many have gone on to create successful businesses as health coaches, cooks, nutrition consultants or holistic chefs. You can learn about what our graduates have achieved here.

Who Is Teaching The Course And Is It Accredited?

The course is taught by Oliver Cowmeadow and other experienced teachers. Find out more about them here.  And yes, it is accredited, so your diploma is recognised by the Macrobiotic Association.

Are There Entrance Requirements?

Yes. You need to complete the Foundation Certificate prior to booking this course.

Can I Start My Business During The Training?

Yes, at the end of the first year you can work professionally supporting others as a Health Coach, Cooking Teacher and Wellbeing Shiatsu practitioner.

How Much Does The Course Cost? And Can I Pay Monthly?

The course fee is £8,490 and yes, you can pay monthly. There's a £750 deposit to secure your place.

Is Accomodation Available?

Yes, we have our own rooms available at the school. For accommodation options please click here.


We can send you full details on the course, upon request. We'd also encourage you to arrange a time for a Skype meeting with one of our tutors to discuss the course and find out if it's right for you. Click here to contact us - we'd be delighted to hear from you.