Nutrition Consultant Course

Macrobiotic Nutrition Consultant and Medicinal Cook

Year Three course.


Nutrition Consultant Course student and teacherThe Oriental and macrobiotic approach to health and healing has a deep understanding of how the body works, and how diet, lifestyle and emotional work can be used to heal the internal imbalances that are the source of many illnesses and health problems.

The power of food, exercise and emotional changes is only recently being realised by Western medicine in its research on heart disease, cancer and diabetes, bringing fresh evidence to what Oriental medicine has known for many years.

As a Macrobiotic Nutrition Consultant, you would see clients wanting to improve their health, and wanting help with specific health problems. As a Medicinal Cook you would be cooking at the highest level, preparing specific dishes for clients to create healing changes in the body, and heal or alleviate a wide range of illnesses on, as well as teaching them to cook the dishes themselves.

The course begins with the Holistic Nutrition for Body and Soul year, which is the foundation for further study. The second year is the Health Coach and Natural Foods Chef year, with this third section being spread over 16 months.

The whole three years of training has over 100 days of teaching over 3 ½ years, and is the longest and most solid professional Nutrition Consultant Course in Europe.  We welcome students who have studied in other schools, please contact the Principal Oliver Cowmeadow with details of the studies already covered to discuss joining this course.  Please contact Oliver here


What You Will Get From This Course

Nutrition Consultant Course Venue
• The satisfaction of helping many people first understand why they have become ill, and then empowering them to change their condition
• Regular health counselling practice so that you are fully prepared to start seeing your own clients
• How to help people release held emotions that are having a major impact on their physical and emotional health
• A unique synthesis of Oriental diagnosis and emotional counselling work, a very powerful combination to enable deep healing
• The knowledge and skills to help people alleviate or heal a very wide range of health problems.

Features of This Course

• You will give at least 60 health consultations over this course, putting all the Oriental diagnostics, interviewing and emotional counselling skills together, with supervision and feedback from IMS teachers
• You will learn specific healing dishes, teas and compresses for different health problems
• Regular hands-on cooking classes with students designing their menu plans for particular client scenarios
• Further study of shiatsu, plus palm healing, a very useful healing modality for some clients
• In-depth study of common illnesses of the body systems, and how to heal or alleviate more than 400 illnesses using dietary, lifestyle and emotional changes
• How to promote healthy pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and childcare, and how to help common problems for babies, children and mothers
• Real life learning with clients in class for teachers and students to counsel and advise.


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Nutrition Consultant Course student testimonial

"There are few courses that offer such a thorough, holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle. This course can be demanding and challenging at times, but the support from both the teaching staff and fellow students is invaluable and the friendships you make along the way further enrich the journey. I can recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their own health and develop a deeper understanding of how to help others do the same.” Celia Duplock