Foundation Year Course

Holistic Nutrition for Body and Soul

Next residential course runs from October 2022 to July 2023 (course code 10.22.1)

£3,900 fees, can be paid in monthly instalments. 

Next online/intensive will be from  Feb 2023 -  August 2023 (course code 02.23.1). 

£3,750 fees, can be paid in monthly instalments.

Accommodation is available on-site.


The Foundation Year Course provides a thorough basic training in macrobiotics including Oriental philosophy and medicine, Do-in exercise, lots of cooking classes, emotional healing and personal development. You can expect to learn things on this course for your own and others benefit and use this knowledge in its own right or as a basis for our Second & Third Year courses and a potential new career. You can also expect to learn a lot about yourself, connect with like-minded people and enjoy an enriching journey of discovery. 

  • Create health with a balanced plant-based, macrobiotic diet
  • Use Oriental health diagnosis to understand and change your health
  • Get in touch with your real self and life purpose

Holistic Nutrition Course Students    Holistic Nutrition Course 

“The School gave me an opportunity to look inside of my life and being. I wouldn’t have been able to start my emotional work without the school’s support and encouragement. I feel safer and grounded. The support from all the teachers, course mates, kitchen assistants, teaching assistants was amazing”
Yuko Ozawa Weston

What Does This Holistic Nutrition For Body and Soul Course Include?

This course includes the history, philosophy and practical application of macrobiotics in relation to cooking and nutrition. It also covers the wider aspects of the macrobiotic philosophy i.e. how the human energy system functions, how to diagnose health problems, exercises to rebalance body and mind, how to heal and maintain strong health with diet and nutrition and emotional healing.

  • How to heal through diet, lifestyle and emotional healing 
  • Practice health-giving exercises including Do-In, Qigong, breathwork and meditation
  • Learn dozens of healing recipes and develop your practical cooking skills

“This course has been life-changing, self-affirming and so rewarding for me. I have found such a connection with myself, spiritually, emotionally and with the wellbeing of others”
Charlie Boyd

What Kind Of People Do The Foundation Year Course? 

People book this course for a variety of reasons. Some love cooking but want to learn the macrobiotic approach to cooking healthy food for themselves and their families. Some students enrol with a view to changing their careers or enhancing existing professional skills. Others want to study nutrition from a holistic point of view that specifically includes medicinal cooking, lifestyle recommendations and emotional healing.

“The empowerment and self-awareness I gained have made me a new, happier person. It is a life-changing programme”
Silvia, Macrobiotic Health Consultant, Chef and Food Styler

We have students coming from all over Europe, the Middle East, north Africa and Hong Kong. With over 25 different nationalities and an age range of 20 to 65 years old, the breadth of age and culture of students greatly enriches the learning experience for everyone.

Who Are The Teachers?

You will be taught by a team of teachers led by Oliver Cowmeadow who has over 40 years experience of teaching as well as guiding thousands of students and clients towards greater health and is one of the country's leading practitioners of macrobiotics.  Find out more about Oliver and the other teachers for this course here.

Other members of the team have all studied the full training at the school, and have gained wide practical experience through their own professional practice. 

Are There Entrance Requirements? 

No. The main requirement is a basic knowledge of macrobiotics and an enthusiasm for studying and practicing this holistic approach to eating and living.

Have a look at our Foundation Year Course details and dates. You can also take a look at our Second Year details and our Third Year details. 

You can also arrange a meeting in person or online with one of our teachers to discuss whether this is the right course for you by contacting us here. 

How Is This Course Structured?

The are two versions of the Foundation Certificate -  an online/intensive version which combines online learning with a 10-day residential and a standard in-house course held at our centre in Devon.

The online/intensive version of the course provides the first 2/3 of the teaching online and finishes with a 10 day residential at the school for more practical and interactional learning and personal support. The online days are on weekends and some Thursdays from February through to July, and the intensive is in August.

Click here to download the full online/intensive course details.

The residential course is spread over seven modules over a nine-month period. The course includes 20 cooking workshops, theory classes, tutorials, healing exercise sessions and personal development workshops.

  • 30 days of teaching in 7 modules, each one is 4-5 days long
  • Cooking workshops in our beautiful teaching kitchen
  • Daily healing exercise sessions
  • Theory classes and small-group tutorials

There is also home study to practice of all that you will be learning, and a simple assessment at the end of the course. Upon successful completion, a Foundation Certificate is awarded.

Click here to download the full residential course details. 

How Much Does The Course Cost? And Can I Pay Monthly?

The course fee for the online/intensive is £3,750, and for the residential course £3,900 and yes, you can pay monthly. A deposit of £750 is payable to secure your place. The course fee includes all course materials and three meals each day.


Go through the checklist below & complete the booking form here

Follow this checklist if you would like to book your place: 

  • Ensure you have read through the Foundation Year course details
  • (Optional) Arrange a meeting with a teacher to discuss whether this is the right course for you 
  • Complete your booking form here or via the button above

We'll will contact you for a phone, online or in person chat to make sure everything is in place for you to join the course.

You will then be sent an offer of a place, with details of how to make payments. 

Holistic Nutrition Course

Is Accommodation Available?

Yes, we have rooms available at the school. For accommodation information please click here.

You can use this Paypal tab below to pay for accomodation for the whole course or modules separately. 
Prices are based on sharing twin rooms. 
Where available you can have your own room at proportional cost (please put x 2 in the paypal cart).
Sole accommodation barn rooms, in the courtyard, are also available at a different cost, see further below. 
Please get in touch to check availability before booking any accommodation.


Prices shown are for twin sharing, please 'x 2' for sole accommodation, please check availability first.

Foundation Certificate Accommodation Options - House Bedrooms


Barn Rooms are sole accommodation, please check availability first.

Foundation Certificate Accommodation Options - Barn Bedrooms