One Year  - Full course fee   £3,750 

For further details on the course and to discus the content and application process, please email our school Principal Oliver Cowmeadow HERE

April 2019 - December 2019 - Intensive format (three visits to the school)

This April 2019 intensive first year course is structured with thirty days teaching in three intensives over nine months which reduces the amount of times a student has to visit the school, homework is set to include cooking and theory to enable students to deepen their understanding between modules.

October 2019 - July 2020  module format (seven visits to the school)

The October modular course has 30 days of learning spread in seven modules over nine months, with structured homework tasks  to help develop your health and cooking, counselling and Oriental diagnosis skills. This is roughly equivalent to levels one and two of the intensive courses offered by some macrobiotic centres.


women on Holistic nutrition course

These courses offer a truly holistic approach to health, bringing together an understanding of food, how to cook it, and its effects on the body. You will learn Oriental diagnosis techniques to pinpoint which organs need support, along with hands-on cooking classes, bodywork and personal development classes.

Many students find this course revelatory, linking up so many different aspects of themselves into one whole picture, and seeing how changes made in one area of life affect all the others, leading to strong health and a deeper sense of self.

Some students take this as a complete course in itself for their personal health and learning, while others use it as a foundation year to continue onto our professional training courses.


What you will get from this course:

• See life from the holistic Oriental perspective, using yin and yang and Ki (Chi or Prana) to understand how nature and ourselves really work
• Develop your cooking skills in preparing both everyday healing plant-based (mostly vegan) meals, as well as party and entertaining style dishes with 20 demonstration and hands-on cooking classes
• See the connections between your emotions, your health and dietary patterns, and how you can release unhelpful old emotions to help you become your true healthy self
• A thorough understanding of how the body works from an Oriental perspective, and how to boost health and heal specific problems using Oriental diagnosis
• Learn basic emotional counselling skills, which are useful in listening well and emotionally supporting yourself and others
• You will learn Do-in meridian exercises, breathing techniques and meditations for raising your health with a daily practice



Features of this course:

+ Teaching is in small groups of up to 12 students to enable personal guidance and support.

+ Students from many countries and backgrounds.

+ Our student groups become very close, and offer a lot of support to each other often leading to lifetime friendships.




“This course has been life-changing, self-affirming and so rewarding for me. I have found such a connection with myself, spiritually, emotionally and with the wellbeing of others.”  Charlie Boyd


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We now offer on-site accommodation for this course - see below for details


With the move to our beautiful new school this summer you can now book accommodation at the school, prices shown are for single beds in small shared rooms.

Holistic Nutrition - Accommodation Options

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