Health Coach Course

Health Coach and Wholefoods Cook

February 2020 to November 2020

Year Two Course.

Health Coach Course StudentsThis is a Health Coach plus course, enabling you to not only guide people to a healthier diet and lifestyle, but also to give expert cooking tuition, shiatsu bodywork sessions, Do-in exercise and meditation instruction, and additionally to work as a wholefoods or vegetarian chef. With this package you can guide and support your clients through all the changes they need to transform their health and lives.

To take this training course you first need to complete the Holistic Nutrition for Body and Soul course, which lays a foundation in developing your own health and in all the subjects that you will take to a professional level on this course.

This second year will deepen your understanding of health and healing, and your holistic picture of how daily food, physical health, lifestyle, emotions and life purpose all affect each other, and can all be used to develop strong physical health and inner healing.

If you are looking for an exciting new career coaching others in a holistic way, this course will give you several options. On completing this course many of our students have set themselves up as Health Coaches, have started teaching cooking classes or a pop-up restaurant, or found work in cafes as a vegetarian chef. You can also continue your studies on our third year Macrobiotic Nutrition Consultant course and learn to give in-depth health consultations and cook for specific illnesses, helping clients with a wide range of health problems.

Health Coach Course Healthy FoodWhat you will get from this course:
• Continuing support with your own physical and emotional healing
• A thorough professional training giving you the confidence, knowledge and skills to set up a practice as a Health Coach, Cooking Teacher, and Wholefoods Cook.
• To develop your cooking skills to a high level, so you can create healthy plant-based meals for adults, babies and toddlers, exciting food for children and families, cooking for gluten-free, candidiasis and low fibre needs, and for gourmet entertainment occasions.


Features of this course:
• A deep understanding of Oriental health philosophy and methods of diagnosis and healing, for your own use and to use in guiding others to greater health
• 31 days of intensive learning in eight modules over 10 or 11 months, giving time for you to practice your skills towards a professional standard by the end of the course
• Includes practical sessions with students working with public volunteers to practice your Health Coaching and Cooking Teaching skills, with guidance and feedback from school tutors
• A solid professional training with structured homework tasks giving Health Coaching and teaching cooking to clients, to build your professional skills during the course
• Hands-on cooking classes with appropriate menu design and cooking for a wide variety of clients and working situations
• Western anatomy and physiology of how the body works
• Western nutritional approaches including acid and alkaline, healthy sources of carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals and vitamins, the importance of fibre and fermented foods, glycaemic index and load and BMI
• Learning full body shiatsu treatment for releasing stress and tension, helping minor health problems, and for general wellbeing
• Further emotional counselling skills in how to listen well, and to support and free clients emotionally.


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Health Coach Course Student Yuko Ozawa Weston

 “The school gave me an opportunity to look inside of my life and being. I wouldn’t have been able to start my emotional work without the school’s support and encouragement. I feel safer and grounded... The support from all the teachers, course mates, kitchen assistants, teaching assistants was amazing.“ Yuko Ozawa Weston






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