Root and Branch Shiatsu with Oliver Cowmeadow

Working with chakras and meridians to encourage deep Ki flow and nourishment.

27th April 2018


Over many years I have found myself more and more working with one hand contacting a chakra, and the other working its associated meridian, as a deep and connected way of working. Thus we can contact the deep physical, emotional and soul aspects of a chakra, while using meridian work to create change from both the inside and outside, the ‘Root’ and the ‘Branch’.

 This way of working connects the deeper self with our outward expression, and can help both the meridian Ki to fill and flow, and the chakra to fill and become more alive and present to the person.



This is an advanced course suitable for shiatsu practitioners and IMS Second and Third Year graduates.

Fee: £80 (including lunch)

 27th April 2018 - 10am till 5-30pm