Accredited Nutrition Courses

Foundation Year Course - Holistic Nutrition for Body and Soul

Second Year Course - Health Coach, Wholefood Chef & Wellbeing Shiatsu Practitioner 

Third Year Course - Macrobiotic Health Consultant and Medicinal Cook

Our longer training courses offer an understanding of macrobiotics, nutrition and wellbeing in a way unrivalled both in terms of duration and thoroughness. After more than 40 years of study and practice, founder Oliver Cowmeadow has created a three-year process that gives you a 360-degree understanding of food and it’s deep connection to our emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Training courses include macrobiotic cooking as you would expect, but they also include a transformative programme of bodywork, emotional healing, diagnostic skills and an understanding of the (Ki) energy system of the body. In addition, they provide a clear pathway for professional development and career opportunities for graduates as chefs, consultants, bodyworkers and cooking teachers.

Developing A Thorough Grounding in Macrobiotics And Beyond

Our one-year Foundation Year Course can be completed as a stand-alone course for those wanting to use the holistic understanding of macrobiotics to benefit their own health and life. It can also be taken as the starting point in a new career or as part of your continuing professional or personal development. Covering all the basics of macrobiotics this in-depth course also covers cooking skills, menu planning and learning diagnostic skills. It also includes exercise such as do-in and qigong alongside shiatsu and makko-ho. You’ll also develop listening and emotional healing skills. You can find full course details here.

“I would suggest this course to others straight away! It is a great course for self-healing, macrobiotic understanding and to make the base for a business”
Silvia, Foundation Course Student

Gaining A Professional Qualification That Is Genuinely Pioneering

Upon completion of the Second Year Course you qualify as a Health Coach, Wholefood Chef and Wellbeing Shiatus Practitioner. A further 16 months of study and practice qualifies you to become a Macrobiotic Health Consultant and Medicinal Cook. In a course that is the most thorough of its kind in Europe your study and practice goes deeper and wider to include health coaching and consulting skills, intensive study of nutrition, Oriental diagnostic skills and pathology, cooking to heal specific problems, shiatsu and teaching skills.

As you might expect this extensive training is a transformational experience for students - through enhancing your own body awareness, consciousness, physical and emotional health. We follow the principle that to learn to heal others we must first heal ourselves, and through our own experiences we develop the wisdom to help others. You can find full course details here.

ACCREDITED NUTRITION COURSES - Michael Rossoff, nutrition consultant

“The International Macrobiotic School offers by far the most in-depth training in macrobiotics”
Michael Rossoff, world-renowned macrobiotics teacher.

Your Accreditation

We train you to the standards set by the Macrobiotic Association which has ratified these courses, and as a graduate you can then be accredited and become a Practitioner Member.

Flexible Learning

Our courses consist of mostly 4-day modules, spread 6 to 8 weeks apart. This has given time for our students to practice all the skills we teach between the modules. From time to time we also run courses with an online component or as intensives.

Accredited Nutrition Courses - students

"There are few courses that offer such a thorough, holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle. This course can be demanding and challenging at times, but the support from both the teaching staff and fellow students is invaluable and the friendships you make along the way further enrich the journey. Having completed the 3 year training I can recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their own health and develop a deeper understanding of how to help others do the same”
Celia Duplock, Macrobiotic Health Consultant.

What’s Next?

Have a look here at our Foundation Year Course details. Look here for our Second Year Course details and here for our Third Year Course details. You can also arrange a meeting with one of our teachers to discuss whether this is the right course for you via Skype by contacting us here.