Why Study With Us?

As the largest macrobiotics centre in the UK, we are able to offer a range of courses that can satisfy any level of interest. From a range of self-help courses and ‘dip your toe in’ workshops to a complete training in macrobiotic cooking and giving health consultations - you can find lots of ways to improve your own inner balance and help others with their well-being too.

An Incredible Location With Superb Facilities

Our School is located in the beautiful Devon countryside amidst the grounds of an 18th century farmhouse. The main house provides a perfect space for learning and accommodation, the garden adds both tranquility and fresh produce whilst the modern, airy, light and spacious teaching kitchen gives you amazing facilities to develop your skills and knowledge.

The Right Balance Of Theory And Practice

We offer solid teaching of theory but emphasise its practical application to enhance your ability to help yourself and others. Whether it’s macrobiotic philosophy or medicine, understanding how the human energy system works, knowing what foods heal and what foods cause imbalance - we are able to match our decades of study with a keen ability to make learning experiential, challenging, enjoyable and hugely rewarding.

Learning To Walk The Talk, With Our Full Support

When you enrol for a course with us, you’ll be supported to make the changes that will enhance your wellbeing and give you the tools to create a dynamic, creative and fulfilling life. For us macrobiotics is an inclusive way of life that can work whatever your circumstances or beliefs - and this is reflected in everything we do in our courses.

Flexible, Lifelong Learning - In-Person And Online

Over many years, we’ve developed a programme of short courses that work if you want a good introduction to macrobiotic eating and living, to learn about a specific health issue, particular aspect of macrobiotics, special areas of interest or develop cooking and menu planning skills. We’ve also developed a range of online courses, so you can benefit wherever you are located.

Our longer training courses also offer flexible part-time learning with intensive and one or two year-long trainings available in a modular format. Beyond that we also have courses designed for our graduates - thus helping with every stage of the learning journey.

Professional Qualifications

Our professional courses are the longest and most in-depth training in macrobiotics in Europe, leading to qualifications which are internationally accredited. If your career aspirations are health or food related then we can help you achieve your goals.

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Empathetic Teachers

With over 40 years experience of macrobiotics, plant-based eating, shiatsu and oriental medicine, the founders of the School Oliver Cowmeadow and Marijke De Coninck are leading figures in the macrobiotic movement in Europe. The School also has a range of highly experienced and capable teachers - all of whom will support you on your learning journey with us.

A Track Record

Established twenty years ago, International Macrobiotic School has provided courses to hundreds of people and trained many people to go on to become professional cooks, health consultants, coaches and bodyworkers. Our graduates in turn, have gone on to help thousands of people improve their lives and health.