Holistic Nutrition Courses Offer In-Depth Understanding

Professional Nutrition and Cooking Courses

Our courses are truly holistic - as well as the science of Western nutrition we teach Eastern philosophy and medicine to give an in depth understanding of how the mind, body and emotions are intimately interconnected.

And we are not just teaching theory and technique, rather we want to help every individual maximise their personal learning and their own healing.

Our professional nutrition and cooking courses are the longest and most in depth macrobiotic training in Europe, leading to qualifications as a Health Coach and Wholefoods Chef in two years, and Macrobiotic Healing Cook and Nutritional Consultant in three and a half years. We have had many successful graduates go straight into building a professional practice and career.  Click HERE to read some of their stories.

On our short courses, our aim is to introduce you to a new way of approaching health, teaching you how to cook a delicious array of nourishing plant-based dishes to help you strengthen your physical health and heal any health problems.

On all our courses, you will get:

• Small groups with a high staff to student ratio so you get plenty of personal guidance and support in your learning and healing

• Simple, practical ways for people to transform their health and lives

• Practical healthy cooking lessons, including many hands-on classes

• A warm, open-hearted welcome with many students forging life-long friendships

• A tranquil location in the heart of the Devon countryside