Your Steps to Creating a Sustainable Health System

Tuesday May 14th   please arrive 6.30 for a 7.00 start

Nutritional Consultant

Join us for a thought-provoking lecture and delicious macrobiotic supper!

As a nation we have become dependent on others, including the pharmaceutical industry, to deal with disease, yet the primary cause of illness or good health is the food, activity, emotions and thoughts we have every day.

Come and learn how you can buck the trend and join the new wave of people who want to take charge of their own health.  We will look at the unique tools of Oriental diagnosis, which uses changes in our skin, face, hands, posture, voice and many other signs to understand what is happening with our internal health. We can use this information to understand the causes of current health problems, and take remedial actions, or to see places of imbalance in the body that could manifest in future illness and make changes now to prevent this happening.

Oliver will be using his 35 years of experience of guiding thousands of people towards greater health and healing many different health problems, and will be open to answering all your questions during the talk or over supper!

See how you can use Oriental diagnosis to ‘read’ your internal health, and how to make the dietary and lifestyle changes to heal illness, prevent future illnesses, and create vibrant health!

Venue - Montague Road, E8 2HW

£25 for a light supper and talk (£15 for people on low incomes)


Please note, we cannot make any refunds if you wish to cancel after 10th May.

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Tuesday 14th May - London Talk and Light Supper