Vegan Sushi Masterclass / Make Your Own Miso

Sunday September 22nd 2019  (payment options for attending courses together or individually)

With Kinu Yukawa

 Japanese cooking teacher Kinu Yukawa

Vegan Sushi Masterclass

10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

£45 or booked with Make your Own Miso £80 (in the afternoon)

Do you love sushi but looking for a vegan option? Join our hands-on sushi making workshop to create healthy and colourful vegan sushi at home. All techniques of sushi making will be taught from cooking the perfect sushi rice, rolling thin rolls, inside-out rolls, hand rolls, and shaping nigiri.

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Make your Own Miso

3 p.m. - 6 p.m.

£45 or booked with Vegan Sushi Making £80 (in the morning)

Do you want to make your own miso? Miso is one of the key ingredients of Japanese and Macrobiotic cooking that is now being used widely in modern cuisine. In this workshop, you will learn how to make your own miso from scratch using organic soybeans, kōji (rice inoculated with Aspergillus Oryzae), and natural sea salt. You will also learn about the properties kōji fermentation, the benefits of gut flora, and why all miso is not created equal. You will create a jar of miso to take home that will be ready to use in six months time, and learn some recipes using miso.

Making miso, miso soup and fresh miso

Kinu Yukawa has travelled the world on her palate. She was brought up in the gourmet city of Kobe, Japan and later arrived in London via New York, Hong Kong, and the École Ritz Escoffier, Paris. She has trained in the art of Japanese cuisine by master chefs in Kyoto and in a Shojin temple. Kinu believes in the simplicity of the Japanese philosophy in enjoying food with the body's five senses, as well as using produce of the seasons spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Further information on her courses at:

Vegan Sushi Masterclass - Make Your Own Miso - Sept 22nd 2019