Strengthening Your Immune System

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Strengthening Our Immune System

The present coronavirus epidemic is focusing minds on the strength of our immune system, but how much do we know about our own immune system? What weakens our immune system, and how we can enhance it so it better protects us from infections?

Oriental medicine and its detailed understanding of how particular foods and activities affect our body’s defences throws a lot of light on what we can do to help ourselves, and western medicine is also revealing some simple ways we can get our immune system working better.

Strengthening All Aspects Of Your Immune System

While taking a particular food or supplement may have a small effect, the truth is that our immune system depends on a number of the body’s organs and systems being healthy and well. This course is going to look at how you can strengthen your immune system in all of these parts of the body.

The course is in four parts, looking at different body organs and systems that contribute to a strong immune system. We will begin with the lungs, which are the first barrier to air born infections like colds, flu and the new coronavirus. The second part looks at our digestive system which is the barrier to food and water born infections, and then onto the lymphatic system and the lymph nodes which clean body fluids, and lastly the white blood cells and other factors that fight infections and protect our bodies.

Course Outline


Overview of the whole immune system
External barriers – skin and mucus membranes of the nose, sinuses, lungs and intestines
Internal protection – the lymphatic system and immune cells
How the lungs work in western and Oriental medicine
What weakens the Lungs and our immunity
How to strengthen our lungs through food and exercises


How the intestines function
The importance of the microbiome or gut microorganisms in our immunity
What weakens the intestines and their immunity
How to develop healthy digestion and strong gut immunity
Making simple brine pickles at home as an excellent probiotic
Using fermented foods in your cooking and meals


How the lymphatic system and its lymph nodes (often called ‘glands’) clean the body and destroy foreign invaders
What harms this system and reduces its capacity for protecting the body
How to eat to have a healthy lymphatic system
Exercises to support and help your lymph flow


Cellular immunity – how it functions in simple terms
What weakens the white blood cells and cellular immunity
The foods and lifestyle habits that strengthen your cellular immune system
In Oriental medicine, how to cultivate strong Kidney Ki which underlies a strong immune system

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Course Fee

The cost of this course is £95. This includes the 4 x 1 hour classes and a full set of course notes and useful recipes, along with practical steps for you to do at home. You will also receive a recording of all the classes to watch again, or if you had to miss a class.


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