Shiatsu for the Shoulders and Neck

Now rescheduled to Friday 18th September 2020   10a.m. - 5.30p.m.   £95   including Lunch

A day of Shiatsu for advanced students or graduates.

With Oliver Cowmeadow BSc, PGCE, MRSS, MC

Tension, pain and problems in the shoulders and are almost universal, and the good news is - shiatsu is a very effective approach for many of these problems.

Learn how you can treat the shoulders deeply and effectively to help many of your clients!

 The Course Includes:

• Learn to diagnose the particular meridians involved in shoulder tension and pain, with revision of the classical and Zen meridians running through the shoulders and neck.

• Understand the Ki flow and relationship between the shoulders and arms, chest, back and neck. If we want to change the Ki flow and symptoms in one of these, we need to see the relationship with the others and work on them as a whole.

• Deep neck treatment to aid relieving shoulder problems.

• Learn to give effective relief from shoulder tension, stiffness and pain.

• Typical diagnoses and treatments for frozen shoulders, dislocated or weak shoulder joint, rotator cuff pain or injury, and brachial neuralgia.

• Exercises, moxa and dietary recommendations for clients’ self-help in alleviating common problems.

Practical Details

Venue: The International Macrobiotic School, Murtwell House, Diptford, Totnes, Devon TQ9 7NQ. We have a sumptuous carpeted teaching room in the house, and a beautiful garden and surroundlng countryside. You won’t want to leave!

Cost: £95 including a wholefood vegan macrobiotic lunch



Shiatsu Course for Shoulders and Neck - Friday 3rd April


Onsite overnight Bed & Breakfast is available.  We have three rooms in the Devonshire long house and additional rooms in the barn. Further details are on the school website at.  Please get in touch if you would like to stay over

Monthly Macrobiotic Meal

We offer a sumptuous three course plant-based supper every month for £18, and there is one on September 18th, the evening of this course, at 7pm if you would like to stay for this. Details and booking on our website at: