Sexy Seaweeds

Sunday 26th May 2019  

£65  with Bini Sharman


10.00am - 3pm  Including a wholefood macrobiotic lunch

Early Bird Special offer £55 if booked and paid for before 30th April 2019

Learn to incorporate a range of traditionally used seaweeds into your diet, for added colour, flavour and a concentrated source of many nutrients.  Seaweeds have traditionally been eaten in many parts of the world, and are undergoing a resurgence in the West due to their exciting flavours and healthy properties.

High in many minerals and fibre, seaweeds can be an important addition to a healthy diet.

Adding small amounts to soups, stews, salads and other dishes brings a lot of extra flavour.

You will be making hiziki rolls and using seaweed in salads, soups and dressings.


Sexy Seaweeds May 26th 2019