Physical and Emotional Health - Six Steps To Wellbeing

Dates: March 23rd (Wednesday) & 30th (Wednesday)
           April 4th (Monday), 11th (Monday), 18th (Monday) & 27th (Wednesday)

6 x 2 hour online classes on Tuesday evenings (7-9pm), £300.

Physical and Emotional Health - Six Steps To Wellbeing

Course Overview

This in-depth online course takes you through six key areas of health and personal transformation including learning to really nourish yourself, creating loving relationships, creating healthy boundaries, stepping into your power, finding creativity and reproductive health.

There will be a weekly 2 hour video session teaching new theory on each vital aspect of health, and supporting participants in making positive changes in their lives. The course is limited to 10 people, to give time for personal guidance in your learning and self-healing.

You will receive an emailed set of course notes, so you can read through the notes before each video session. There will also be physical, energetic and emotional exercises for you to do following each video session, and special healing recipes for you to cook.

This course is taught by Oliver Cowmeadow, principal of the school, and Dejan Belusevic a graduate of the International Macrobiotic School professional training course.

This online course also acts as a reccommended prerequisite for joining our Foundation Certificate. And if you decide to join that course you will get the fee from this course deducted.

How Is The Course Structured?

  The course is structured around six areas of development. These are: 

1. Improving Your Digestion, Learning to Nourish Yourself (Spleen, Stomach and Liver)

Practically - create a healthy digestive system, learn which foods harm and help the digestive system, using fermented foods, healing bloating, acid reflux, no appetitie, chronic constipation or diarrhoea, IBS, food allergies, colitis and other digestive problems.

Emotionally - finding the cause of unhealthy food cravings and eating habits, building a sense of self worth and self care, learning the value of nourishing yourself well with good food, company and love in your life. 

2. Looking After Your Heart and Circulation, Creating Loving Relationships (Heart and Pericardium Ki)

Practically -  how to have a healthy heart for the rest of your life, how to enjoy good circulation and enjoy and energetic and vital life.  How to heal common problems like palpatations, bring high or low blood pressure to a healthier level, angina, reverse coronary heart disease, poor circulation to the hands and feet including Reynaud's disease, and alleviate varicose veins.

Emotionally - learning to listen to your heart as your guide in life, to release the emotions that keep your heart closed to loving yourself and others more deeply.

3. Looking After Your Lungs, Sinuses and Skin, Making Healthy Boundaries

Practically - learn how to breath deeply using the abdomen as well as the chest for greater vitality and releasing tension from the body, foods to avoid and to eat to have healthy lungs and sinuses, how to heal hay fever, blocked sinuses, coughs and mucus, asthma and to strengthen your immune system to you get less colds and flu.

Emotionally - the lungs are our physical and emotional boundary with the outside, learn to create healthy emotional boundaries with other people, keeping a strong sense of self rather than feeling hypersensitive and easily being 'taken over' by others emotions.  How to safely create honest and close relationships with friends, family and others.

4. Taking Care of Your Kidneys and Bladder, Stepping Into Your Power and Becoming Your Real Self (Kidney and Bladder Ki)

Practically - in Oriental medicine the kidneys and adrenal glands not only produce urine but are the seat of our whole body and power.  By strengthening the kidneys and bladder we can enjoy more energy and stamina, and stronger motivation and will to do the things we really want to do in this lifetime.  How to heal frequent bladder infections, low back pain, chronic low energy problems and incontinence, deep inner cold and tiredness.

Emotionally - learn to contact your inner source of energy and power, to feel what you want to do with your life and have the strenght to make the decisions to move forward in your life.  How to release the fears that hold you back from being your true bright self.

5. Having a Healthy Liver and Gallbladder, Learning to Express Yourself Fully and Find Your Unique Creativity and Life Path (Liver and Gallbladder Ki)

Practically - the liver plays a central role in supplying nutrients and energy to the whole body.  When it is functioning well we have the energy to move our bodies, express who we are and move forwards in our life.  In poor health we feel tired and stuck, and may feel frustration and irritation or anger.  Find out how to have a healthy liver and gallbladder, including how to overcome excess tension in the body, prevent gallstones and enjoy flow in your life.

Emotionally - naturally the liver helps us express our feelings and emotions.  Learn how to express these in a way that helps you and others, and remove the blocks to expressing who you really are.

6. Greater Reproductive Health - Healthy Breasts, Ovaries and Uterus or Prostate, Having a Healthy Menstrual Cycle and Sexual Drive

Practically - health problems in these organs are very common, yet can often be improved with simple diet and lifestyle changes.  Find out how to have a healthy cycle and reduce strong pre-menstrual or menstrual problems, protect yourself from future prostate problems or help reduce the size of an enlarged prostate, improve breast health to help avoid cysts, lumps and tumours, low male or female fertility or sexual drive.

Emotionally - it is natural to have a healthy sex drive and desire, but social judgements and bad sexual experiences can leave us blocked or suppressed.  Releasing old traumas can bring us back into a happier relationship with our sexuality and let our body energies flow.

What Will You Get From This Course?

This course is focussed on personal transformation through diet, physical health and emotional well-being.

  • A better understanding of how the internal organs work, how they affect our health and how to keep them healthy
  • The emotional aspect of each internal organ of the body
  • An understanding of Oriental healing methods and philosophy
  • Practical steps you can take to improve any aspect of your life and health

Course Booking and Payment

The fee for the course is £300. This includes 6 live 2 hour internet video lessons and a full set of course notes on the lessons and on practical work for you to do at home following each video session. You will also be able to download a recording of each video lesson afterwards to watch again, or if you had to miss the live video session.

If you go on to join our next first year Holistic Nutrition for Body & Soul course, you will get the full £300 deducted.

Places strictly limited to 10 participants. If you have questions to ask before booking, please contact Oliver on and he will be happy to answer all your quesitions.  

 Course Payment   

Six Steps to Health - Online Course
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Refund Policy For Online Bookings

Bookings for online courses are often last minute.  Please be sure that you are happy and commited to the course as we do not give refunds for online bookings.