Men's Health Day - Online

Dates: February 18th 10am - 3pm

1-day Course £65.

With Oliver Cowmeadow  BSc, PGCE, MRSS, MC

Find out how you can improve your health and avoid many of the common diseases and problems affecting men today.

 Men's Health Problems

We Need To Look After Our Health

Men, we get some serious health problems, and some of these are on the increase, but the good news is that there is a lot we can do to prevent ourselves from developing these problems, and often alleviate them with changes in our food, activity and lifestyle.

Number one is you need to be aware of your prostate gland, there it is adding fluid to your semen for years and probably not causing any problems at all, then you get to your 50's and suddenly just peeing is no longer easy - you feel you want to pee but nothing comes out, or the flow is weak, you leak after peeing, or you feel like your bladder has not emptied fully.  40% of men over 50 start getting these symptoms of having an enlarged prostate, which puts pressure on the urethra carrying urine from the bladder to the outside. And the usual treatment for prostate enlargement?  At first drugs may be used, including testosterone inhibitors, and then some way of removing part of your prostate using surgery or lasers, which can damage surrounding tissues causing, for example, problems getting an erection.

A separate prostate problem is cancer, this is the most common site of cancer in men after skin cancer, accounting for about 25% of cancers in men.  You may have a blood test with raised PSA level, indicating that you may be going in this direction. Yet both of these problems can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, including regular excercise, avoiding excess fats in your diet, and eating more a plant-based diet.  These all help avoid the build up of excess tissue in the prostate, which can lead to an enlargement or cancer. I have also seen a good number of men with enlargement shrink their prostates, and avoid long-term use of drugs or surgery, and men with prostate cancer help push back the development of this disease.

Avoiding Heart Disease

This day will also be looking at what you can do to avoid Heart Disease, still the biggest killer of men in the UK, Strokes which are the third biggest killer, Infertility affecting 1 in 10 men, and other health problems. So come along and discover some simply dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to look after your health and greatly reduce your chances of developing these problems.

The course includes a cooking class demonstrating how to make some 'meaty' plant based dishes to satisfy your appetite and give you the deep energy you want in your life. Taught by Oliver Cowmeadow, who has been teaching and giving health consultations to thousands of people over the last 35 years. He has a wealth of practical experience in helping people recover from a wide variety of diseases and experience increased health and wellbeing.

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Men's Health Problems - Online
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