Looking After Your Health

Wednesday   7th - Sunday 11th September 2022 - Special offer discount rate shown in Paypal tab, please scroll down
Wednesday 16th - Sunday 20th November 2022

5-day course, £525.

Announcement: We are now including breakfast in this course, so you can enjoy eating a full macrobiotic diet during the course.

*We often get 2 family members (such as mothers and daughters) or friends wanting to come along to this course. We welcome this interest and offer a 25% reduction for the second person. 

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Accommodation is available on-site, when restrictions allow.

Course Overview

In five days, this transformative course will teach you how to cook over 70 healthy wholefood, plant-based recipes in 10 hands-on cooking classes. It will help you create balance and understand the effect food has on your body and emotions. The course also teaches you Oriental health diagnosis techniques to help you identify the roots of imbalance in your body and regain or strengthen your health.  Click here for the daily programme.

“This course is probably the most important thing I have done and will do in the third part of my life, as it has shown me where my health problems are and how I can overcome them, and at the same time, create a happier future.”

Your course is taught by a small team of experienced professional teachers. The intensive format of this course is ideal if you live at a distance from the school, or if you prefer concentrating your learning in a single block of time. It will be a busy and full five days, but the days have been designed to also give you enough breaks for taking walks or relaxing.

How Is The Course Structured?

Held over 5 full days, the course includes 10 cookings classes, plus workshops in several areas of Oriental medicine.

The cooking classes include:

  • Cooking balanced and nutritious meals to build your health
  • Preparing vegetarian sources of protein including beans, tofu, tempeh and seitan
  • Preparing quick meals, including breakfasts and soups for different seasons
  • Using sea vegetables in everyday cooking
  • Delicious sugar and dairy-free desserts
  • Cooking by the Five Elements, using the five flavours
  • Gourmet cooking for parties and entertaining

Whilst the Oriental medicine aspect of the course allows you to:

  • Create balance in your diet and life using the ancient principles of Yin and Yang.
  • Understand the effects that food is having on your body and emotions.
  • Use traditional methods of Oriental diagnosis to gain a clear understanding of your present health, and you can heal illnesses and enjoy stronger vitality.

Health Consultations

As an extra element you can book a personal health consultation with Oliver Cowmeadow during the course - giving you an individual health assessment and tailored health advice. An initial consultation usually lasts an hour and a half and includes a follow-up progress check by email two weeks later. You can book this by contacting the school here.

What Will You Leave With?

Students leave this course with a new understanding of how to look after their health and a wealth of new ideas for cooking healthy, tasty meals.

  • Over 70 health-building recipes to use at home as well as new cooking skills
  • Unravel the emotions connected with your current eating patterns, helping you to let go and move forward
  • Learn how to use food as medicine
  • A clear plan on how to improve and maintain your health, or to heal specific health problems

"From the moment I walked in, I felt safe, held and encouraged in my journey of healing. It has been an overwhelmingly beautiful week of nourishment at a truly deep level, and I feel like I am back on my journey of life again.”

Further Details And Booking

The course fee is £525 (deposit £200) and is bookable below.

*We often get two friends or family members booking on this course together which we encourage and welcome. We currently have a special offer whereby if two people book, the second person can receive a 25% discount. 

“This course has been a gentle yet powerful journey for me. I made a decision in the first 24 hours that I have been trying to make for the past 2 months. I was able to get in touch with what is really important to me and have time to process that decision on a deep level without the distractions of my demanding lifestyle. Thank you!”


 Looking After Your Health  7th - 11th September 2022 - DISCOUNTED

 One person price discount of 15% giving a reduction of £78.75  and two person price giving a reduction of £262.50.

Looking After Your Health - SEPTEMBER DISCOUNTED
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 Looking After Your Health  16th - 20th November 2022

Looking After Your Health
How Did You Hear About This Course?



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