Conscious Touch and Embodiment Workshop

Monday 5th September 2022 6.45pm to 10pm

Monday 3rd October 2022 6.45pm to 10pm

Monday 7th November 2022 6.45pm to 10pm 

Monday 5th December 2022 6.45pm to 10pm

Cost £10 per workshop.

Lynn is a qualified therapist working with individuals and couples for over 15 years. She is particularly interested in deepening relationships, cultivating presence, being embodied and sexuality. She works holistically, often supporting people to change their lifestyle, their diet and self care. She runs movement and self development workshops on deepening connection with self and others and non-sexual touch. She works with a unique combination of fun, lightness and depth
This is an evening of nourishment through dance and movement to help you get more embodied, followed by a chance to give and receive sensual (NOT sexual) conscious touch.

If you have lived alone during lockdown, you will no doubt be suffering from some effects of deficiency of touch in your life. Touch is vital for a healthy immune system and good mental health. Touch sooths our nervous systems. Come along and get topped up in a very simple way with much needed touch!

This is a fully clothed workshop – we will first be exploring your boundaries and talking about consent and safety. For example if you are feeling very protective and not too sure, it would be totally fine to only be touched on the hand and forearm for the whole evening.
Conscious Touch and Embodiment Workshop
Please watch this video for some information about consent.
No experience is necessary but a willingness to engage with your own process is essential. I will be encouraging you to check in with your feelings as we proceed – my hope would be that you will learn something new about yourself. You should be going home feeling nourished, enriched and with a more open heart.
I have been running Conscious Touch workshops in Bristol for many years. I taught Embodiment and Touch at Murtwell House last summer in the Heart Soul Food weekend.
You can come to this workshop alone or with a partner.
Numbers are limited to 20 people.
Costs are £10 per evening.
Booking is essential – please do not turn up without booking.  Please use the drop down menu for other dates.
Conscious Touch and Embodiment Workshop
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