Ampuku - Shiatsu to the Abdomen


With Oliver Cowmeadow  BSC, MRSS(T)

A day's workshop of diagnosis and deep treatment of the abdomen, having profound affects on the whole body.

Friday September 20th 2019      10.00am - 5.30pm

£95 including a wholefood macrobiotic lunch. Early Bird £80 for payments received by July 30th!


 Hands giving shiatsu to abdomen   Giving abdominal shiatsu


The Ki of all the meridians is anchored in the abdomen, so working here can have profound affects on the rest of the body.  Likewise, if there are big imbalances in the meridians and the body’s functioning, they will always show up in the abdomen.  Therefore shiatsu to the abdomen has a profound affect on the whole person and being.


Deeper abdominal work often comes when you have established a good relationship with a client, and their wish is to go deeper into their healing process. We all hold some of our deepest emotions and habits tucked away in our abdomens, and at some point in our healing journey it is necessary to work deeply with the abdomen. 


In a shiatsu practice, ampuku can be a very useful approach when you feel that changes in the meridians and rest of the body have slowed down, and a different approach is needed to help your client take their next step in healing.


Particular areas of study:


·    Diagnosis of the overall condition and energetic and emotional state of the person from the overall feeling and Kk quality of the abdomen.


·    Confident palpation of the abdominal organs, to help you identify the source of abdominal pain or other symptoms.


·    Tonification or dispersion of the Ki in particular organs, to relieve symptoms and improve Ki flow and balance.


·    Diaphragm release for deeper breathing, building more Ki and groundedness in the hara, and better flow of Heaven’s Ki and Earth’s Ki up and down the body.


·    Diagnosing the causes of digestive problems, whether coming from imbalances in the liver and gallbladder, stomach, pancreas (Spleen) small or large intestine.


·    Techniques and approach for emotional release from the abdomen using pressure, breathwork and dialogue. The release of long held emotions often gets a lot of long held stuck energy to move, releasing a lot of tension in the abdomen and its organs, and also make big changes in the Ki flowing in the meridians.


Practical Details


Date:  Friday September 20th 2019


Times: 10am - 5.30pm


Venue:  The International Macrobiotic School, Murtwell House, Diptford, Totnes, Devon  TQ9 7NQ. We have a sumptuous carpeted teaching room in the house, and a beautiful garden and surroundlng countryside. You won’t want to leave!


Cost:  £95 including a wholefood macrobiotic lunch. Early Bird discount to £80 for payments received by July 30th.


Bookings:  you can book below, or by sending a cheque to “International Macrobiotic School” at the above address, by bank transfer to Lloyds Bank, sort code 30-98-69, account no 27953568.


Accommodation:  overnight Bed & Breakfast is available if you want it, we have three rooms in the Devonshire long house. Further details are on the school website under Accommodation.



Shiatsu to the Abdomen

We would be very happy to look to re-running this course if there is enough interest