Stetches and Movements in Shiatsu

With Oliver Cowmeadow  BSC, MRSS(T)


Date: Friday November 15th 2019   Times: 10am - 5.30pm

Cost: £95 including a wholefood macrobiotic lunch. Early Bird discount to £80 for payments received by October 31th.

   Shoulder stretch    Stretching the shoulder

We use a variety of methods to move Ki in the body. Giving pressure with the hands, thumbs, fingers and other parts of the body usually form the central means of moving Ki. This more yang approach is well balanced and complemented by using movement techniques including stretching, rocking, rubbing and using percussion.

Of these, stretching is probably the next most used, and is a very good complement to pressure work. When they are used together we can move much more Ki than using either alone. So the day will spend longest working with stretches, but will also cover rocking, rubbing, and percussion.

This day will look at:

• The ways in which all these methods move Ki.
• What body conditions each is most useful for.
• How to make each method as effective in moving Ki as possible.


• What are we trying to do with stretches?
• How to know how far to stretch.
• How stretches complement pressure work, and how using both make our work mot effective
• How to do most effectively, to move the maximum amount of Ki
• Effetive stretches for the shoulders, hips, back, knees and legs, lower rib cage and intercostal muscles, ankles and feet, and neck for opening the joints, and improving flexibility and Ki flow.


• How to rock to move the body’s Ki.
• Using rocking to move stuck Ki and relax the body.
• Practicing on different parts of the body.


• How to use rubbing to stimulate the circulation of Ki and blood, and warm and nourish parts of the body.


Deeply penetrating percussion can penetrate to the bones to move Ki deeply in the body.



Venue: The International Macrobiotic School, Murtwell House, Diptford, Totnes, Devon TQ9 7NQ. We have a sumptuous carpeted teaching room in the house, and a beautiful garden and surroundlng countryside. You won’t want to leave!

Cost: £95 including a wholefood macrobiotic lunch. Early Bird discount to £80 for payments received by October 31th.

Bookings: you can book by sending a cheque to “International Macrobiotic School” at the above address, by bank transfer to Lloyds Bank, sort code 30-98-69, account no 27953568, or on line by the Paypal link below


Stretches and Movements in Shiatsu


Accommodation: overnight Bed & Breakfast is available if you would like, we have three rooms in the Devonshire long house. Further details are on the school website at:


We also have a Monthly Meal each month and in November it falls on the same day as this course - starting just over an hour after the course finishes.  We warmly invite you to stay for a scrumptious three course organic macrobiotic meal for just £18.  The evening Monthly Meal starts at 7p.m. (with guests arriving from 6.30p.m.) and generally draws to a close between 9 and 10p.m.