A six day transformational course.

Healing the life experiences that have created Five Element Imbalances

6 Day Course £595

 Thursday 26th - Tuesday 31st March 2019

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The theory of  five transformations is a very revealing Oriental system for understanding our lives, health and emotions.
It forms the basis of much of the macrobiotic approach to healing and living a balanced life.

Oliver Cowmeadow has  trained in both Oriental medicine and in Emotional Counselling, and over the last 30 years of seeing clients has observed over and over how deeply held emotions are a primary cause of Five Element imbalances for many people.
Our early childhood as well as adult experiences create energetic patterns in the body, that limit our happiness and create physical health problems.
Oriental medicine is excellent at offering body treatments, dietary and lifestyle advice to rebalance each Element, but often this is not enough to heal deep energetic imbalances in the body. Maybe you have experienced yourself or seen in others how difficult it can be to stick with recommendations that one knows are going to help a lot, and then slip back to old habits.
A primary reason for this is unresolved life experiences and the emotions created and still held in the body.
Bringing awareness and attention to these emotions and energy patterns, and doing healing work to release them can bring about deep energetic shifts in the body, long-term rebalancing of the Elements, creating greater freedom and happiness. On this course Olver will be working with individual students in the class, as well as paired exercises, so there is ample opportunity for you to step forward for personal help.
On this course we will spend a day looking at common life experiences that create deep fixed patterns of imbalance in each Elemental energy, sharing our own experiences and releasing held emotions. Each day will also include Do-in organ/meridian exercises as a practical way of shifting deep patterns. You will also be fed with a meal designed to further heal each Element.
This course is designed for anyone wanting to understand themselves and break some old patterns, as well as for shiatsu, acupuncture, kinesiologists and other therapists who would like to work more deeply with Five Element Emotional Healing. It is an advantage to have already made some study and use of the Five Elements before joining this course. A certificate will be given at the end for people who complete the course.
"This course will change my life - the knowledge and enthusiasm of the teachers is infectious."  Kevin
"I arrived feeling completely depleted and overwhelmed, by the end of the course I felt nourished in mind, body and soul, thank you." Lucy
"This course was my haven and inspiration." Suzy
Places are strictly limited, so if you are interested early booking is recommended. 
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