Professional Practice Day

 A follow on course for Macrobiotic Health Coaches and Counsellors - to inspire, learn and hone skills.

28th April 2018

This day is for IMS Second and Third Year graduates, plus anyone else practicing macrobiotic healing, to give new inspiration and tools for building your practice. It will include:


· A question and answer session on coaching, counselling and how to build your practice.

· How to create and use good quality forms and information to give to clients, including free use of the latest IMS forms and information booklets.

· A session on using social media to promote yourself, with Ian Tucker who does a very effective job marketing the school.

· If you / the group finds it useful, to bring in some members of the public for either Oliver to demonstrate giving a consultation or for you to give coaching or consultations to under his guidance (please let the school know if your intend to bring someone.)


The day following this course  Oliver is teaching a day on Women’s Health.

He has put this course next to the Professional Practice Day as you may like to come along to see how you could teach this subject yourself to help build your practice.

To encourage you to come we are offering it at half price to IMS Second and Third Year graduates – a bargain! (see button options below)

Fee - £80 (to include lunch)


28th April 2018 - 10am till 5-30pm

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