Macrobiotic recipes

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Get ready to savour the deliciousness of our homemade falafel recipe! Made with soaked chickpeas, aromatic spices, and fresh herbs, these crispy falafel balls are a must-try for any food lover.


Walnut Pate

Walnut pate is delicious and makes for a wonderful snack. It is delicious spread on good quality toast or on rice crackers. Or eaten with crudites or slices of apple (yes really!). So simple to make and will keep for a good for days in the fridge.


Dairy-Free and Refined Sugar-Free Lemon Pie Recipe

Most traditional lemon pie recipes depend on lots of sugar and plenty of dairy. This one, however, has a deliciously fresh taste and fantastic texture without relying on any refined sugars, eggs or butter. We’ve used rice syrup and maple syrup to add sweetness and amazake too. Amazake is a Japanese fermented (low alcohol) rice drink that is also sweet, but full of flavour and some B vitamins.


Sugar-Free Desserts – Three Recipes That Taste Incredible

Making desserts that are sugar-free and delicious may seem like an impossible task, but these three recipes will definitely convert you to eating much less sugar. As well as being incredibly healthy, they use completely natural sugars that add just enough sweetness so you won’t miss the refined sugars at all.