April 18, 2022

Reclaim Your Health Series – Assessing your health with Oriental Diagnosis

I want to talk about how we can take more charge of our own health, and particularly how we can assess our own health using oriental diagnosis methods. In the last few blog posts/videos, I’ve talked about how here at the International Macrobiotic School, we take a holistic view of health, including our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual makeup, and how these are all very connected.

In the second video, I talked about the power of food in healing, and creating balance in our body and emotions and thinking. This third blog/video is about how can we assess our own health using oriental diagnosis. If we’re going to try different foods, different exercises, different approaches to life, how do we know whether these having a beneficial effect on our health or not?


Unfortunately, sometimes illness, even serious illness comes out of the blue and suddenly hit us. However, is it possible, is there a way to be able to tell if those problems are approaching? With many conditions such as heart problems, cancers, ovarian problems, arthritis, diabetes, etc and with the use of oriental diagnosis it is possible to tell that some of these conditions may be developing.


Over the last 1000s of years, oriental medicine, which hasn’t had the blood tests and the X rays, and the more physical ways of examining the body, has built up a really interesting collection of different ways of looking at the outside of the body and listening to people to understand what’s happening inside the body. And that then leads on to being able to make adjustments in our food, lifestyle, emotions, etc to bring us back towards health. And then that can really help us prevent an awful lot of illness. Of course, there will always be disease, life is not perfect. But at this time, we can really greatly reduce our chances of developing a whole range of different illnesses. And this is very much what our teaching here at the International macrobiotic school.

Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve much greater health. And if you do become ill, you have some tools, you have some means to understand what’s happening, and, and to know what steps to take to bring yourself back into health. To learn more about oriental diagnosis and some of methods you could use to assess your health, take a look at this video here and why not visit our website for our full range of online and in person courses:

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