February 1, 2019

How To Stop Headaches And Migraines Naturally

New drug treatments for reducing migraines in people who suffer regular attacks, using a new antibody approach have been announced in recent years. This raises a number of questions for me.

Firstly, over the last 30 years I have seen many clients suffering from regular severe headaches or migraines, who have completely got rid of their symptoms by making changes in their diet and lifestyle. Using an Oriental healing approach, in nearly all cases it is easy to see how accumulated tension in certain parts of the body results in tension and often heat ‘breaking out’ and rising to the head, causing pressure and pain. Once the internal tension has dispersed, the headache, or migraine, goes.

However, if a person continues to build the internal tension because of eating particular tension-forming foods and having a lifestyle that creates a lot of tension, with very little ‘tension releasers’ like physical exercise, emotional support and relaxation time, then the headaches or migraines just keep coming back.

Stopping Headaches By Taking Health Into Your Own Hands

For people who are prepared to take their health into their own hands and make positive healthy changes in their diet and lifestyle, there is a very good chance they can heal even long-standing migraines and headaches – without any need for medication.

So my question is, when a health problem like headaches or migraine are overwhelmingly caused by our daily diet and way of life, why does our society look for a drug treatment to help?

I love the whole modern scientific approach to understanding our bodies, but I just cannot fathom why western medicine is so poor at understanding the true causes of illness. So far, I think it is primarily because of the scientific approach mostly focuses on the small, the minute physical and biochemical workings of the body. It rarely looks at the bigger picture of how a person’s daily way of living creates either health or illness.

I have been studying macrobiotics and Oriental medicine for nearly 40 years, which begin by taking the wide view of a person’s life – their food, activity, stress levels, relationships, and life aims, and looks at how imbalances and unhealthy habits over weeks, months and years create imbalances in the body, which can then manifest as symptoms and illnesses. This approach has therefore developed a very in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the causes of illness.

The Mistake Of Western Medicine

A big mistake made over and over in western medical thinking is to look for a ‘cure’ for illness. It attempts to find the physical and chemical changes in the body accompanying an illness, and then tries to come up with a drug or other treatment to alter these physical and chemical changes. However the more important question is, ‘what has caused this illness in the first place?’ If you can answer this question, then healing a problem becomes simple, you just have to change the causes in a person’s daily way of living.

Not only does the attempt to come up with drug treatments cost us all a lot of money in developing and producing these drugs, also drugs always have undesirable side effects. So with the many illnesses that are primarily caused by our daily diet and lifestyle, why not make healthy changes, heal the illness at virtually no cost, and enjoy the benefits of greater health and wellbeing in the whole body and mind?

Here at the International Macrobiotic School our mission is offer the knowledge and skills for people to play a very pro-active part in their own healing.

In this short video I share my thoughts on these common ailments, offering advice on a macrobiotic approach to improved health.

Taking Things Further

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