February 14, 2021

Holistic Health Secrets – Unlocking Vitality Through Nutritional Coaching

Vitality is something we are all searching for and want lots of. The more vitality we have, the more interesting life is. Life is about learning and growing and in order to do this we need a range of experiences from fun and loving experiences to more challenges one to everything in between. It is through our experiences that we can reflect on our lives and grow through them. As we go through this process, having guidance can be very helpful. We can learn tools to help ourselves, but it’s also great and important to receive guidance from others – which is what we are doing and training people to do here at Macro School.

In this video, I share with you the three main secrets for unlocking health and vitality. In the third secret, we delve deeper and explore five different aspects to this secret.

Secret 1 – We need to be holistic in our approach

This means understanding the whole of us and all of our different bodies including our physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual.

Secret 2 – 95% of illness is caused by what we do in our daily life

“First we make our habits and then our habits make us” is a quote by John Dryden that nicely sums up this second secret. Here we learn how Western medicine is gradually catching up with what Macrobiotics, Oriental Medicine, Ayurvedic and other traditional medicines have known for thousands of years – that our daily food, activity, ways of life and relationships have an enormous effect on our health.

Secret 3 – The basics of life and living are the most important ways of having vitality and healthy

This secret starts with exploring the importance of breathing well. Here I guide you through a short but powerful breathing practice before sharing about the necessity of regular exercise and movement.

Next, we take a look at another huge basic of life – food, and how this can be used to maintain and adjust our health on a day-to-day basis. Discover how Western nutrition is a young art and how it has recently evolved. Learn how different foods and different cooking styles can be used to help powerfully shift and transform our health.

As we get deeper into this secret, I share with you the art of learning balance Discover how our emotional selves can play a huge role in our wellbeing and how they, along with other signs and symptoms from the body, can be vital clues for our growth and healing.

We close with a look at our spiritual connection and how this can exponentially increase our vitality and energy.

Finally, I share various methods of Oriental diagnosis which are profound ways of tracking what is going on outside the body to help understand what is going on inside – and how learning these tools can help us in our process of balance and empowerment.

This seminar ends with a student testimonial and a Q & A session with participants.

Watch the video

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