Plant-Based Eating

Healing Diabetes The Macrobiotic Way

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The UK government recently extended a pilot programme to help people with recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes make changes to their diets and take up exercise. This NHS programme puts people on a restricted diet and exercise plan for 3 months, followed by recommended longer term changes including eating a plant-based diet.

Why Eat A Plant-Based Diet?

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The world is shifting at an incredible pace, and that is being reflected in what advice is given for the healthiest way to eat. When I got into macrobiotics in the 1980’s the medical establishment was recommending daily meat and dairy consumption, plus as much sugar as you liked – looking back this seems unbelievable to us now.

The Health Benefits Of Porridge

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Getting a daily dose of oats will help fight off winter fatigue, boost energy levels and warm up the body on cold mornings whilst oat porridge makes a great hearty breakfast at cooler times of the year, creating strong warming energy that will keep you going until lunchtime.

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