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The Healing Power Of The Five Elements

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With the Five Elements, we can see how we are part of nature and by aligning more with these natural changes we can become more healthy and fulfilled. In addition, we can use the Five Elements system to better understand the connections between things that otherwise might go unnoticed. The Five Elements also correspond to paired organs within the body, five flavours in food and five colours.

Ways to Stay Healthy – Three Methods For Finding Optimum Health

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We live in contradictory times, where science has discovered so much about how the natural world and our bodies work, and yet we have lost the understanding of how we can all look after our own health. If we get a headache, a hacking cough, back pain or hayfever, what is there that we can do ourselves to help our symptoms? Perhaps the advent of pills in bottles has made us lose knowledge of the home remedies that we can use with these kinds of symptoms.

The Incredible Value Of Oriental Healing’s Methods Of Diagnosis

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One of the greatest gifts of Oriental medicine are its methods of assessing our internal health by looking at subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes on the outside - for example, the hue and texture of the skin, different parts of the face revealing what is happening in different organs like the lungs and liver, people’s posture and quality of voice, as well as looking at the hands and feet, the whites of the eyes, and feeling differences in the back and abdomen.

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