What Is Unique About Macrobiotic Cooking?

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Macrobiotic cooking has developed and evolved over many decades and its particularly useful at this time due to its benefits for our overall health generally and our immune system specifically. When I first became interested in macrobiotics about forty years ago everyone thought we were crazy to be advocating a plant-based diet.

How To Keep Warm In Winter With Macrobiotics

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There is help at hand. By learning how to adjust your diet to include more warming foods and less cooling foods, you may well feel a difference in just a few days. After some weeks or months it is possible to turn around long standing deep cold in the body and a lack of energy.

Healing Diabetes The Macrobiotic Way

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The UK government recently extended a pilot programme to help people with recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes make changes to their diets and take up exercise. This NHS programme puts people on a restricted diet and exercise plan for 3 months, followed by recommended longer term changes including eating a plant-based diet.

How We Can Develop Resilience When It Comes To Our Health?

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We live in rapidly changing times, and there is much discussion of creating resilience nationally and on a local community level. The issues we all need to tackle include growing our own food locally, creating our own sustainable energy and dealing with climate change. Here, I want to look at how we can become more resilient in our health - both personally and collectively.

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