June 21, 2023

An Introduction to Women’s Health

In an upcoming event at the International Macrobiotic School, Oliver Cowmeadow, our principal, will be hosting a transformative one-day course on women’s health. Scheduled for Saturday, June 24th, this enlightening event aims to shed light on promoting women’s health and addressing various health concerns.

Let’s take a glimpse into what to expect from this informative course:

Functional Problems and the Menstrual Cycle:

Oliver begins by delving into functional problems that often perplex the Western medical system. Understanding the factors that influence the length and regularity of the menstrual cycle can help shed light on conditions like heavy and painful periods, irregularities, and premenstrual tension. Unlike conventional medicine, oriental medicine and macrobiotics take a more holistic and energetic approach to health, enabling a deeper understanding of these issues.

Finding Balance:

Oliver emphasises the importance of balance in maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle. The concept of yin and yang is utilised to explain the body’s functions and imbalances. When a woman’s body is in balance, her menstrual cycle typically spans around 28 days, with manageable bleeding and minimal pain. However, imbalances, such as excessive tension and contraction, can lead to shorter cycles, heavy bleeding, and discomfort. Factors like diet, lifestyle, emotions, and support play crucial roles in establishing this balance.

Addressing Heavy and Painful Periods:

A common problem he has observed over the years—women experiencing heavy, painful periods occurring too frequently. In extreme cases, some resort to hysterectomies as a last resort. However, by offering dietary and lifestyle advice, Oliver has witnessed positive transformations, with women returning to a more regular 28-day cycle and experiencing reduced pain and heaviness. A plant-based diet, with an emphasis on vegetables, grains, vegetable proteins, seeds, nuts, and fruits, proves effective in easing tension and contraction.

Longer and Scanty Cycles:

On the other end of the spectrum, Oliver addresses the situation where a woman’s menstrual cycle becomes longer, lighter, or even stops altogether. This condition is typically associated with the body becoming excessively yin, lacking nourishment, and energy. Incorporating richer foods, such as proteins from plant and fish sources, along with essential oils and fats, helps rebalance the body and restore a healthy cycle.

Premenstrual Tension and Finding Relief:

Premenstrual tension, a common issue experienced by many women. Oliver attributes this to excessive stress, pressure, overwork, and the consumption of heavy, yang foods. To alleviate premenstrual tension you need to incorporate lightening the diet, reducing stress, and incorporating more yin foods such as lightly cooked vegetables, salads, and lighter grains. By finding balance and nourishing the body, women can experience relief and prevent recurring tensions.

This brief insight into Oliver Cowmeadow’s approach merely scratches the surface of the comprehensive Women’s Health Day event. If you are interested in delving deeper into maintaining good female health and well-being, click on the video below.

Watch the video

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