Wednesday 27th April 2016

Spring clean with greens

Spring clean the body with seasonal green vegetables, wild nettles and hedge garlic for a healthy move out of winter.

In macrobiotic philosophy, it’s important to stay in tune with the seasons and spring is a time for cleansing, both on the physical and emotional levels.

Leading macrobiotic author and teacher Oliver Cowmeadow explains: “In spring, nature’s energy is rising and opening, called the Tree or Wood energy in Oriental medicine.

“This means that our internal energy is doing the same, so to stay in good health we need to stay in tune with this in our eating and living.

“In the winter, the body contracts and the energy moves inward, and can accumulate and stagnate, leading to a build up of fat, protein and toxins. We need to help the body to get rid of this build up.”

Seasonal foods such as fresh new greens, leeks, purple sprouting broccoli and watercress will help this process, as will a lighter style of cooking, such as stewing, blanching, and pressed salads.

Over the next few weeks, dairy foods, and heavy baked food such as bread and pastries, should also be avoided to help move the energy outwards and get rid of the accumulated excess.

Emotionally and mentally, we should also be leaving behind last year, and thinking about where we are going and what we can create this year.

Explains Oliver: “This rising Tree energy also brings us a more creative time, able to move our energy outwards into new projects and directions.

“Now is the time to get clear on what this year is about for you and start focusing your energy to you help manifest your goals.”

See below for more information on Tree energy and for a tasty spring pea soup recipe.