Tuesday 16th May 2017

New prospectus out now

Our brand new 2017/18 prospectus gives an insight into our professional training courses, with an introduction overview from principal Oliver Cowmeadow and snapshots of school life from our former  students.

We have put together this new publication to help prospective students comparing courses and careers to get a feel for the International Macrobiotic School and the unique features of our courses.

Students from 25 different countries have joined our professional courses over the years, starting with the foundation one year Holistic Nutrition for Body and Soul (which is also a stand alone self development year)  followed by the two year Health Coach and Wholefoods Cook training, and the three and a half year Macrobiotic Health Counsellor training. With over 100 days of teaching, this is the most in depth professional macrobiotic counsellor training in Europe.

At this school, we are not just teaching theory and technique, rather we want to help every individual maximise their learning and their own healing.


Graduate Romy Franke, who runs cooking classes and a pop up macrobiotic restaurant, as well as offering personal macrobiotic counselling in Penarth says: “My studies and training with the school was life changing, expanding my horizons and consciousness for the world around me."





For graduate Gilly Webber, who runs a bed and wholefood breakfast in the South Downs, explains what the school did for her: "The school revolutionised my approach to food...I was helped to reconnect and live my life in a healthier, more authentic way. The philosophical teachings have given me a much broader context with which to live life, to view change as a force for good (rather than fear) and have given me the tools for living a bigger, more fulfilled life.”



The prospectus, which you can download here includes topics covered on each of the courses, information on course structure, what our students say and what some of our graduates are up to. If you would like a a copy by post, please email