Thursday 11th June 2015

Delicious Desserts

‘Just because you decide to live a healthier life, it doesn’t mean some of life’s treats are out of bounds, says chef Jon Guest. And Jon is perfectly qualified to be some authority on the subject.

Having become head chef of a four-star, 60-bedroom hotel, he felt it was time to explore a more holistic approach to food, health and life. After completing the Looking After Your Health course at the International Macrobiotic School (IMS) in 2003, he decided macrobiotics could guide him on a true mind, body, spirit path and entered the three-year training course in 2006. Jon is now a chef both at IMS and Riverford’s Field Kitchen – and something of a healthy pudding expert.

“Whether you call them desserts or puddings,” he says, “they play an important part in our collective psyche. A favourite pudding can evoke memories of childhood and the heady aromas of home baking wafting from our mother’s kitchen.”

But if you’re treading a path to a healthier future, are those delights any more than a distant and nostalgic memory? “Fear not!” says Jon. “We can show you that by making a few subtle changes you too can enjoy a scrumptious sugar and dairy-free sticky toffee pudding. Or maybe you fancy a slice of sugar and dairy-free Bakewell tart with your nettle tea? Or a vegan sugar-free chocolate cupcake?

“Here at the International Macrobiotic School (IMS) we can show you how to recreate some of your favourite desserts without the need for butter eggs and processed cane sugar.

“Of course, moderation is key to enjoying a healthy lifestyle, but when a little extravagance is called for, for a birthday, to surprise a loved one or just as a treat for yourself, it’s certainly possible to conjure up a little pudding magic.”

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