Tuesday 7th June 2016

Chill out with seaweed this summer

Cool down the healthy way this summer with a simple sugar-free, dairy-free dessert made from berries and a seaweed extract.

The little known agar agar is not only packed with minerals, but from an Oriental perspective, helps the body stay healthy in the summer months with its cooling and relaxing properties.

Instead or reaching for unhealthy ice cream and sugary drinks, make a delicious kanten (a Japanese jelly) and adapt to summer effortlessly.

In the macrobiotic approach, seasonal foods help the body to adapt to the changing weather patterns, helping to create a dynamic balance in our lives, food and health.

Without this process, the body will remain tight and contracted, leading to tenseness, irritability and other health problems.

Leading macrobiotic practitioner and author Oliver Cowmeadow said: “It might seem strange to use seaweed for jelly but it is colourless and has no flavour. It is actually widely used in processed foods as a thickener.

“It’s a great healthy alternative to ice cream and sugar-laden drinks which have a detrimental effect on health, with much evidence that over consumption is contributing to the epidemic of obesity and diabetes.”

As well as being a great summer food, raspberries have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and research has shown them to lower the risks of cancer and help blood sugar regulation.

Kanten fact file:

• Packed with minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium.
• High fibre
• Vegan
• Unlike gelatin-based jelly, it does not contain sugar or artificial ingredients
• It is good for the digestion and can help constipation



Raspberry Kanten

A dessert that is delicious and healthy!

Kanten is a vegan jelly made with natural sugar-free ingredients They are really simple to make, and children love them.

Recently different makes of agar agar have been manufactured with different strengths, so follow the guidelines on the packet. Ideally, the kanten should be soft and wobbly, but hold together. If too much agar agar is used, it will be too solid, and if not enough, it won’t set.