Taking Ampuku to a deeper level
for diagnosis as well as energetic and emotional healing
May 4th - 5th


Ampuku, or shiatsu to the abdomen (hara) began in China and has been developed in Japan over the past few hundred years.

Leading shiatsu practitionner and teacher Oliver Cowmeadow  has been working with this system for 15 years and will lead this two-day course aimed at giving practitioners another tool to change energetic patterns and bring about transformational healing.

OIiver says: "Ampuku is a very effective way of working because the abdomen is central to the flow of Ki in the whole body. If Ki is flowing well here then Ki flows well in the rest of the body, if it is not, then many symptms are created such as tiredness and problems in the head, neck, chest, legs, feet, lower back and pelvis."

This course will:

• Teach you to understand the connection between Ki in the abdomen and the rest of the body. Many health problems in the whole body originate in the hara.

• Help you to work directly on organ Ki in the liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, duodenum, small and large intestines and bladder, to help problems in these organs and in their meridians over the body.

• Give you effective ways of releasing the diaphragm, to improve Ki flow between the top and bottom of the body.

• Teach you shiatsu to help prostate, womb and ovary problems.

• Show you how to help emotional release from the abdomen. The small intestine acts as an ‘emotional shock-absorber’ to protect the heart, but when emotions cannot be processed or released, they stay stuck here for years or decades. Releasing these deeply held emotions can be transformational. All the other abdominal organs can hold specific emotions in a similar way.

• Teach breathing techniques to aid release of stuck Ki and emotions, and bring greater connection with the womb and prostate - powerful energy centres in women and men.

• Show you how to work with the hara and legs to increase Ki flow between the two, and help problems in the legs and feet.

• Show you how to work with the hara and chest and arms, to improve Ki flow in the upper body.

• Explore specific connections between abdominal areas and the meridians running over body.


Adding effective ampuku to your shiatsu treatments will give you an additional way of working deeply with clients. It is often a way to change energetic patterns that have been held for decades, to bring about transformational healing.




Fee: £180 (including lunch both days)
Deposit: £80


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