Women's Health Day

How to promote healthy cycles, periods and fertility, and create womb, ovary and breast health.

 29th April 2018

Women’s health depends mostly on having a healthy diet, way of living, and emotional life, and being well tuned into your body’s needs. Find out how to have regular cycles and normal pain-free periods, and heal many common health problems in the breasts and reproductive system.

 Oriental medicine has focused on how our everyday lives can create health, or lead to many different health problems, and conversely how we can be empowered to heal common problems like excessively heavy periods and cramping, too short or long or absent cycles, breast lumps and pain, thrush and other infections, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and polycystic ovary syndrome.

 Many female reproductive problems are more functional than physical, and while western medicine struggles to give effective help, Oriental medicine understands the causes and healing well.


Oliver Cowmeadow has helped thousands of clients regain health over the last 30 years,including many with reproductive problems. Come and see how you can create greater health, prevent future problems, and heal any that you are currently suffering from.




 Sunday 29th April 10am - 5pm (Lunch included.)


Women's Health Day - 29th April 2018