The school is currently running two short courses centred around food and plant-based (mostly vegan) cooking, with the emphasis on promoting and maintaining good health.

Love Health Love Cooking - a weekend of hands on cooking lessons

Looking After Your Health - a five-day intensive course including cooking and Oriental health diagnosis 


Principal Oliver Cowmeadow offers workshops and talks both at the school's home in Devon and further afield. Keep an eye on our facebook page or sign up to our newsletter (link in the page footer) for news on these. 

Macrobiotics is a holistic approach and is about creating strong physical and mental health as a foundation for life, using plant-based meals (sugar-free, dairy-free and mostly vegan) to create healing and wellbeing.


"I came away feeling nurtured and much more skilled than when I'd arrived. Without sounding too dramatic, it's probably the best money I've spent in a long time!" April, Looking After Your Health


"This has been a powerful kickstart to discovering my true authentic self, as well as a lovely environment to be in among like-minded people." Lizzie, Looking After Your Health